Homemade Fast Food

How to save time and money by making your own fast food

Time and money are things we are always looking for, there are nights when we just don’t feel like cooking and it is very tempting to order in.

Yet so many options available on the end of the phone line are not overly healthy and come in so sort of packaging, which just adds more waste to the recycle bin.

Rather than spending money on fast food and adding more throw away packaging to waste to the waste stream,  why not make your own healthy fast food.

I’m too busy, so what’s in it for me?

Time is a big factor when it comes to cooking and preparing the evening meal, but have you ever factored in the time it takes to drive by and pick up the fast food, or sit in the drive through. How about the extra hours you have to work to earn the money to buy the food? There are so many benefits in preparing you own home cooked meals. I mean just ask Dr Mark Hyman and Jamie Oliver

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Serious declutter

Let’s get serious, it’s time figure out what you really want to declutter

Seriously do you even know your clutter? Don’t worry you are not alone.

It’s so easy to complain about clutter; how it is taking over and stopping you from living the life you want, but isn’t life too short to waste looking for STUFF?

We have 5 easy steps to help you figure out what you really want to declutter

Step 1

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Declutter workshop

This is why I love to speak about decluttering and how to simplify life

I love to speak about eco organising and how we can declutter and simplify life without costing the earth. With a few simple changes in our home, habits, work and travel we can all make a difference to the health our planet.

Everything we bring into our space has taken energy to produce it, somewhere in the world a tree has been cut down, a well has been dug to produce the things we need and want. What I see as a professional Eco Organiser® is so much STUFF is used once then stuffed in the back of a cupboard, to the point where home no longer function, costing us time, money and energy.

When I to receive feedback like this, it really was time to reward myself with a happy dance!!

Hi Tanya

Here’s a summary of the feedback comments to make your day


  • Tanya was extremely engaging and I found the workshops very helpful
  • Well informed and entertaining
  • Tanya was very motivating and inspirational
  • Practical and realistic advice
  • The speaker was inspirational and gave fabulous ideas to declutter and reduce waste
  • Very practical and informative
  • Extremely informative, non-critical and humorous presentation
  • Entertaining presentation and good involvement, very practical
  • Very practical and great to help be rethink habits
  • Lots of great ideas inspiring me to get organised
  • Covered so much more than just decluttering – environment issues
  • Tanya was fabulous, easy to listen to with very practical advice.
  • Rational and logical. Wasn’t just about throwing things out, Recycling and reusing was talked about positively.
  • Practical ways to declutter, while keeping in mind the environmental impact.
  • I have learnt a lot! Good advice given by Tanya. I hope I am able to move forward now.
  • Very useful and interesting session. Three cheers to Tanya, well done!
  • Informative, covering a range of topics with lots of tips and tricks.

Moonee Valley City Council

Do you reward yourself and your successes?

The 10R’s ™ Rethink Responsible Refuse Repurpose Reorganise Repair Reduce Reuse Recycle Reward


When stuff happens

Stuff Happens- 20 documents you need to get sorted before stuff happens

Before stuff happens it’s great to be prepared, I don’t mean to be morbid but we are all going to die, having a Will and all your important documents sorted, saves your loved ones a whole lot of headaches, heartache, grief and stress.

20 documents you need to get sorted for when STUFF HAPPENS Continue reading

Office sorted

Sorted! Big issues for small business

As a small business owner I know how hard it is to juggle, running a business, household, caring for others, staying focused and finding balance in my life.

Following a on from conversations with several small business owners we discovered there are 7 BIG issues that affect the running of their business

  1. Don’t have set work hours
  2. Lack of storage
  3. Lacks focus and discipline
  4. Planning and organising
  5. Difficult to get in the right mind set
  6. Working from home they were easily distracted
  7. Difficulty in prioritising business from home duties

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Tools to save time

The 3 indispensable tools of a good time manager

I am very pleased to bring you this guest blog written by Nathalie Ricaud professional organiser and the founder of Get Organised & Beyond.  She helps women who feel overwhelmed by all the stuff they’ve accumulated in their homes or all the activities they’re trying to fit into their schedule let go of the unneeded and unloved so that they can make room for the important things in their life.  She’s the author of a blog and is regularly published in print and online media.  She’s also a regular speaker at events and conferences.

The 3 indispensable tools of a good time manager

Do you ever feel like there just aren’t enough hours in a day to get things done?  That you have little time if any to do the things you truly enjoy?  That you are struggling to juggle work and family?  Well I have developed an introductory time management coaching programme to address just these issues.  In this programme I help my clients put in place 3 tools that are indispensable to regain control over their time and sanity.  Interested to know what these tools are?   Continue reading

Break the cluttered desk syndrome

How to break the cluttered desk syndrome without losing your creativity or money

Einstein said “ A cluttered desk is the sign of a clutter mind” I am not sure if that statement means an organised desk is the sign of an empty mind, devoid of creativity and self-expression, either way when you are in business, wasting time looking for STUFF is not a wise use of your time.

Whether you are hot desking or you have squeezed your office onto the corner of the dining room table, with the kids art projects, wasting time looking for stuff costs money, reduces productivity, increases levels of stress, overall it does not set you up for a productivity day. Continue reading

Rethink the stuff

The STUFF we should never take for granted

I know we all get caught up in the STUFF! of living in the fast lane and rarely stop to rethink what is important, life gets busier and we tend to take things for granted.

After a hurdles in my own life it was time to reflect and rethink. Sixty days ago I started my gratitude journal, it was time to slow down and reflect on each day rather than rush through it, not taking the time to acknowledge the good and sometimes bad things that happened in my day. I can honestly say the effect has on me is quiet amazing.

Simply stopping to give thanks for the simple things puts all that other STUFF in perspective, so many of the “big things” just don’t mean that much anymore.

I am going to share with you 20 things I have been grateful and should never take for granted. Continue reading

What is E Waste?

E Waste- What is it and how do we reduce it?

What is e waste?

It’s a good question and very easy to explain; think of electrical items such as TV’s, computers, mobile phones and laptops, generally things that come out of our office, not the kitchen or the bathroom.

With Business Clean Up Day coming up on the 28th February in Australia, we thought it was a great time to tell you about e waste and how we can rethink, recycle and reduce items like this being dumped on the side of the road.

Did you know

In 2007-08 3.17 million new televisions and computer products were sold in Australia, and 16.8 million units reached the end of their life that year?

Did you know that 84% were disposed of to landfill?

Did you know in Australia we have 8 000 000 000 mobile phones cluttering out cupboards!

We can not change what happened in the past but we can rethink our future

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The 3 R's

We all know The 3 R’s, but are The 10R’s™ and how will they reduce clutter in my life?

We all know about the 3R’s- Reduce Reuse Recycle but what’s The 10R’s™?

There is a common trend around the world where people have become overwhelmed with stuff to the point where they simply cannot function, or find things, so they go and buy more, thus starting this viscous clutter cycle.

Don’t worry you are not alone


A recent surveys show that the average Australian family spend $1226 per year on stuff they never use and one in eight people moved home to accommodate more stuff. (Source Stuff Happens)

United States of America

The average American family spends $1,700 on clothes annually Forbes


Britons have a shocking £5.7billion worth of unused household items stashed away, and one in three has enough to fill a bedroom. Daily Mail

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