Clutter or dreams

Buying a dream or buying clutter?

Skinny jeans make me look skinny, but am I buying a dream or buying clutter?

Do you get so emotionally attached to stuff, that it is too hard or painful to let go—even if you don’t use it anymore?

There is a bond, or a relationship formed with our stuff, a promise of something remarkable, life changing coming from our investment of time and money, making it hard to let go.

  • If I buy these skinny jeans I will look thin
  • If I buy this power tool I will become the ultimate DIY/handyman/women
  • If I join the gym I will lose weight and get fit.

I am sorry to say that just by joining the gym, does not mean you will lose weight or get fit; it just means you have become a financial contributor to the gym! Continue reading

sort and organise stuff

Sort and organise at arm’s lenght

Hold onto your hat, this is going to shock you!!

We don’t always need to declutter, sometimes we just need to sort and organise!!!!

Some of you will breathe a sigh of relief, the role of a Professional Organiser not to throw STUFF out, it is to help you simplify life, making it easy to find what you want when you want it.

Life is too short to be looking for STUFF ~Tanya Lewis

The simply way to sort the good from the bad and ugly is to start small and work one draw or one shelf at a time, do not pull everything out of the wardrobe, linen press or god forbid the garage. The common response from that method is screaming, rocking backwards and forward or people lying in the fetal position. I cannot stress that enough, please start small. Continue reading

Spring clean

A Spring Fling- Just what the doctor ordered

Yes, a Spring Fling but not the type you are thinking!!

For those of us in the southern hemisphere we are starting to see the light at the end of a long cold winter. Clutter builds up in pockets around the home, the entrance area with umbrellas, coats and hats, kitchen with crock pots on the stove top and winter recipe books cluttering the bench tops and the bedroom with woolly jumpers and jackets in constant demand hanging on the backs of chairs. Feeling a little over winter, maybe suffering a little cabin fever, a spring fling does wonders to lift your spirits and kick the winter blues out the door.

Just what the doctor ordered, guaranteed to put a spring in your step without costing the earth. Continue reading

Fashion Tips

In a Responsible Fashion- How to responsibly donate unwanted clothes and reduce waste to landfill

Not everyone has a massive walk-in robe where clothes can hang all year around. Some have a “floorobe” instead of a wardrobe, where clothes take up most to the floor space. Making it difficult to find what you want, when you want it.

Letting go of unwanted clothes allows us to see what we love to wear and stops that vicious clutter cycle of “I couldn’t find it, so I bought another” or “I forgot I had it, so I brought another”

Having an organised wardrobe will save time, space, money and help to reduce the carbon footprint of what we wear.

Did you know?

6000kg of clothing and textiles go to landfill every 10 minutes in Australia!


Responsible Disposal

When it comes time to donate unwanted clothes, it is always best to check with your local clothes charity and ask what can and can’t be donated. Continue reading

How to recycle mobile phone

I want to recycle my phone, how do I and keep my data safe?

Did you know you can recycle your mobile phone?

Mobile phone technology is changing so quickly, with new innovative ‘must have’ mobiles being released, it seems, just when you thought you had the latest ‘you beaut’ up to date model! 

It’s estimated there is currently over 23 million unused and unwanted mobile phones laying dormant in Australian homes.  That’s aprox. 2,200 tonnes of metal, minerals, plastic and glass that can and should be recycled.


The not-for-profit government accredited mobile phone recycling program who’s mission is simply to keep mobile phones out of landfill and therefore avoid future greenhouse gas emissions, save energy, protect the environment and conserve  scarce natural resources.

Continue reading

How clutter affects others

CLUTTER It’s not my, how do I let others know it is affecting me?

Clutter has a way of affecting relationship and how to let others know how it is affecting you can be a little tricky.

My No 1. Tip Cuppa Tea

Sit down with a cuppa and talk about how the clutter is affecting you.

I met first Debbie at one of my workshop where she told me

My daughter Kate left home 10 years ago, she still has boxes of stuff that are talking up space I would like to use for my craft work supplies

After attending my workshop Debbie applied No 2 R Responsible, and invited her daughter around for a cup of tea and a chat. Debbie explained how she felt about the boxes and what she would do with the space once it was cleared, she suggested they open the boxes together….. you are never going to guess the outcome Continue reading

How to reduce food waste

Love Food Hate Waste- How to reduce food waste, save time and energy

Writing a shopping list and meal planning is a great way to reduce food waste, but what if your or freezer is not working at it’s full potential and you are storing things incorrectly no amount of planning it going to reduce the waste.

Did you know Australian’s throw away  $8 Billion dollars worth of edible food a year? Scary, considering you don’t have to look far for great tips to help you reduce food waste.

It’s time for me to fess up, I did not write one of these tips, there’s a great resource that you can tap into called Love Food Hate Waste. It does not matter if you are in Australia, UK or Canada you will find your local Love Food Hate Waste site.

Another great way to reduce food waste, is not to throw it away but pair it up  with other lonely foods for a perfect match in simple tasty meals, so check this out this link

Freezing tips to reduce food waste

  • Sauces (that you’ve made to go with rice or pasta) may thicken while they’re in the freezer, simply add extra water if necessary while reheating
  • Freeze sauces separately (from the pasta or rice) if possible, as they will generally store for longer
  • Milk can sometimes curdle or separate when frozen depending on its fat content. Lower fat milk such as semi or full skimmed milk is likely to freeze most successfully. Don’t worry if it separates – after thawing simply shake the bottle. The same is true for yoghurt; just give it a good stir
  • Yoghurt can also be used to make icy-poles if portioned into icy-pole moulds or used to create yoghurt based frozen desserts (e.g. yoghurt ice cream).
  • When defrosting bread, take care to remove any ice within the pack, as this can thaw and make the bread soggy
  • Trim excess fat from meat before freezing to reduce the risk of rancidity occurring during frozen storage
  • High water content vegetables (for example, tomatoes) may be better pureed before freezing
  • Some fruits such as apples are better pureed or stewed for jam or pie fillings
  • For products that do not freeze well, such as strawberries, pureeing can be ideal. Fruit puree can be used in smoothies, desserts and sauces

The do and dont’s of storage

  • Do store mushrooms in a brown paper bag in your fridge crisper. Plastic will make mushrooms ‘sweat’.
  • Do move ripe fruit like avocados and stone fruit to the fridge once they’re ripe to slow down further ripening
  • Do store soft cheeses in waxed cheese paper or baking paper. Plastic wrap will make the cheese ‘sweat’.
  • Don’t store lettuce with melons, apples, pears, or other such (ethylene gas-emitting) fruits as they will cause the lettuce to turn brown.
  • Don’t store bread in the fridge as it will dry out and go stale faster.
  • Don’t store tomatoes in the fridge as they won’t develop their full flavour.
  • Do keep raw meat in a sealed container or wrapped to avoid contamination with other food types such as salads or vegetables.


Declutter workshop

This is why I love to speak about decluttering and how to simplify life

I love to speak about eco organising and how we can declutter and simplify life without costing the earth. With a few simple changes in our home, habits, work and travel we can all make a difference to the health our planet.

Everything we bring into our space has taken energy to produce it, somewhere in the world a tree has been cut down, a well has been dug to produce the things we need and want. What I see as a professional Eco Organiser® is so much STUFF is used once then stuffed in the back of a cupboard, to the point where home no longer function, costing us time, money and energy.

When I to receive feedback like this, it really was time to reward myself with a happy dance!!

Hi Tanya

Here’s a summary of the feedback comments to make your day


  • Tanya was extremely engaging and I found the workshops very helpful
  • Well informed and entertaining
  • Tanya was very motivating and inspirational
  • Practical and realistic advice
  • The speaker was inspirational and gave fabulous ideas to declutter and reduce waste
  • Very practical and informative
  • Extremely informative, non-critical and humorous presentation
  • Entertaining presentation and good involvement, very practical
  • Very practical and great to help be rethink habits
  • Lots of great ideas inspiring me to get organised
  • Covered so much more than just decluttering – environment issues
  • Tanya was fabulous, easy to listen to with very practical advice.
  • Rational and logical. Wasn’t just about throwing things out, Recycling and reusing was talked about positively.
  • Practical ways to declutter, while keeping in mind the environmental impact.
  • I have learnt a lot! Good advice given by Tanya. I hope I am able to move forward now.
  • Very useful and interesting session. Three cheers to Tanya, well done!
  • Informative, covering a range of topics with lots of tips and tricks.

Moonee Valley City Council

Do you reward yourself and your successes?

The 10R’s ™ Rethink Responsible Refuse Repurpose Reorganise Repair Reduce Reuse Recycle Reward


Homemade Fast Food

How to save time and money by making your own fast food

Time and money are things we are always looking for, there are nights when we just don’t feel like cooking and it is very tempting to order in.

Yet so many options available on the end of the phone line are not overly healthy and come in so sort of packaging, which just adds more waste to the recycle bin.

Rather than spending money on fast food and adding more throw away packaging to waste to the waste stream,  why not make your own healthy fast food.

I’m too busy, so what’s in it for me?

Time is a big factor when it comes to cooking and preparing the evening meal, but have you ever factored in the time it takes to drive by and pick up the fast food, or sit in the drive through. How about the extra hours you have to work to earn the money to buy the food? There are so many benefits in preparing you own home cooked meals. I mean just ask Dr Mark Hyman and Jamie Oliver

Continue reading