Reduce, reuse and recycle your way to a clutter free home

Does your clutter affect the way you live? Does clutter rob you of time and space?

Twenty ways to reduce and reuse clutter, which help to reduce and amount of stuff we send to recycling .

By integrating the 3 R’s–Reduce-Reuse & Recycle into your everyday you will reduce clutter in your home, office and allow you to live the life you want.


  1. Just by saying no thank to free things reduces the amount of clutter coming into our space.
  2. Say no to the free pens and bags offered at functions, trade shows and conferences
  3. Rethink and ask yourself how many pens do I really need?
  4. Will I ever use that corporate bag?
  5. Stop junk mail cluttering your home, by adding a no junk mail sticker to your letter box
  6. Refuse e newsletters that are not relevant to your goals or vision 
  7. Only print out what you truly need
  8. Purchase items loose rather than packaged. Why pay for packaging when you are only going to throw it away?      

Remember recycling comes with its own carbon footprint


Have fun with the children or grandchildren and discover ways to reuse disposable, throw away items

      9. Choose refillable products over disposables such as pens, calico bags and baskets

     10.Reuse glass jars for storing food 

     11. Ask office supplies if they refill ink cartridges

    12. Create a system to reuse the green carry bag rather than buying more

    13. Reduce paper consumption by relabeling large post packs and reuse

14. Create note pads out of waste paper

15. Use ceramic cups instead of disposable ones

16. Join the library and borrow books and magazines which reuses resources over and over again


It still takes energy to recycle unwanted items, it is called embodied energy. By doing our bit at home we are reducing the amount we send to recycle centers

   17. Where possible recycle at home or in your office

18. Research your local council for recycling centers

19. Research what you can and can’t recycle

   20. Share magazines with neighbors and friends before recycling

Being organised won’t cost the earth

The 10R’s ™ Rethink-Responsible-Refuse-Repurpose-Reorgansie-Repair-Reduce-Reuse-Recycle-Reward