Toy clutter

STOP the toy takeover

Does your home resemble side show alley filled to the brim with soft toys, games and gadgets? Does it make it difficult to walk in a room without stepping on STUFF?

Here are three simple steps to stop the toy takeover

  1. Create Homes

Allocate a space for toys; we call it a “home”

A home can be a tub, chest, shelf, drawer, draw string bag, stackable container, repurposed suitcase, cupboard or nets, ropes with clips for soft toys with Velcro tabs.

Add labels to the “homes”; make your own and get the kids involved, great for littlies learning how to read.

  1. Set Limits

Our homes do not come with elastic sides; we need to set limits on everything we bring into our space. Why not try the one in one out rule
One in one out rule

Once the space allocated for toys is filled; it is time to bring in the one-in-one out rule. This may not come easy at first, but the decision is yours, either keep struggling through side show alley or start living and relaxing in your home.

Once you have decided which toy is to go, it must be removed from the house immediately. Check out local op shops, toy libraries, and refugee centres and women’s shelters; and responsibly donate.

Let’s turn clutter into an opportunity for someone in need.

  1. Still struggling to let go

Sometimes it is not the kids that struggle to let go, but Mum and Dad.

Note to Mum and Dad

For those toys that hold memories, why not take a photo of them and frame the photo. You can always hold onto the memory without the clutter. In the meantime here are three simple categories toys fall into, simply sort, declutter and let go to stop the toy takeover.

Sort all toys into


“Oh it is ok”

“Yuk I don’t like it”


There are no questions to be asked with these toys, you and your children will know which ones they are. These hit you in the heart with a special feeling and are not considered clutter and are staying, these are toys that your child likes and plays with them a lot.

“Oh it is ok”

If your children say “oh it is ok” grasp this opportunity and pass it on, your children may have grown out of the toy, but could suit some else perfectly, so let it go.

Yuk I don’t like it”

When the children say this there is no reason to hold onto it. Before passing them on, check the condition of all the toys, don’t donate broken, torn or worn out toys. Only consider repairing ones that are worth repairing and passing on.

The 10R’s Rethink Responsible Refuse Repurpose Reorganise Repair Reduce Reuse Recycle Reward