Through her keynote speaking and books Tanya Lewis -The Eco Organiser® and Waste Coach programs she has helped thousands of people save time, space, money and reduce their carbon footprint, by ethical decluttering and eco organising. Participants are encouraged to think outside the square and learn that being organised won’t cost the earth.


Drawn from her passion to reduce waste,create time and space, participants are empowered to ethically declutter and responsibly dispose of unwanted items.

Armed with practical ideas, tips and by following The 10R’s© participants are rewarded with the gift of time and space

Media Appearances

Tanya Lewis – Eco-Organiser® is available for TV and radio appearances and to write articles and blogs for reputable media companies. Read all about it in our newspaper and magazines articles or listen to our radio and television interviews.

Tanya Lewis- The Eco Organiser®

and The Waste Coach. Author. Opinion Former

Tanya has a simple philosophy borrowed from Gandhi “Live simply so others can simply live”

After realising her passion was helping people organise their TIME and SPACE- and to do it in an environmentally responsible way, she set about creating change through The 10R’s©.

Through her keynote presentations and ethical decluttering workshops Tanya Lewis has helped many thousands of people save time, space, money and reduce their carbon footprint, simply by ethically decluttering and eco organising.

Tanya’s latest blockbuster book

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Workshops & Presentations

At her decluttering workshops speaker Tanya Lewis helps you discover the things you truly need and want, and make it easy for you to find them, rather than buying more STUFF. Everything we bring into our space comes with a carbon footprint, it was grown, dug out of the ground, manufactured then transported around the world to arrive in your home or office. By being organised and declutter, you know what you need and have and are less likely to buy more.

Our passion is to create more TIME and SPACE in your life, ask us about our fun interactive workshops to help you, your community or your business get organised and reduce waste to landfill, so you can live the life you want. Choose from one of these, or we can tailor a workshop or presentation to suit your needs:

Learn how to ethically declutter, create order in your life and reduce waste for clutter free living.

How to ethically declutter and reduce waste- The 10R©

Discover the true cost of waste- time-money-health & well-being-financial-environment. Learn how to identify your waste, how to reduce waste and live well without costing the earth.

What is the true cost of waste?

Learn how to let ethically let go of unwanted STUFF, and mindfully consume to live well with less stuff.

Consumed by STUFF? Stuff: valueless matter, trash, non-sense.

Learn how to conquer the 5 clutter clusters- paper, digital, time management, spatial, waste management and grow for a sustainable future.

Conquer the 5 clutter clusters and grow your business

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