Discover ten simply beautiful ways to start your day and guaranteed to put a smile on your face, declutter and clear your mind body and soul without costing the Earth.

Life gets busy with family, kids, work, study and caring for others. Yet too often we forget about ourselves.

Ten simple ways to bring awareness back to SELF and acknowledge your new day without costing the Earth.

  1. The dogs are coming!

Have you ever watched a dog stretch when they wake up?  They stretch, roll on their back and wriggle, maybe you won’t go that far, but give it a try while you are in bed, tucked warm under the covers

  • Gently wriggle your toes, fingers, point your toes, and roll your ankles in both directions
  • Lift your arms up over your head and stretch, let out a big yawn, wail or war cry! It’s the best
  1.  Don’t rush this one!        
  • Cuddle someone, something or yourself….remember don’t rush this one
  • Now you are ready to swing your feet onto the floor and start your day
  1. Rest your feet on the floor
  • Take a moment to feel the floor, feel the texture, temperature, scrunch your toes and stretch again
  • Add a little luxury without the expense; simply add your favourite floor rug to the floor
  • Summer or winter, natural wool and cotton rugs work really well
  • Looking for some real texture to scrunch and massage your feet you cannot go past, natural coir rugs. It all comes down to personal choice
  • At Eco Organiser we were asked to “do something” with old car seat covers, guess what pure sheep skin car seat covers, make a gorgeous rug. The only part worn was the acrylic backs, once removed they were repurposed into a gorgeous machine washable floor rug

By adding a texture/rug we start to bring our awareness to our feet, which we often neglect yet are vital for a busy day

  1. Sensational Shower

I call it a “sensational shower, it’s one my favourites, it’s so easy

  • Turn the lights low or off and shower in semi light
  • No radio, no clutter in the shower, just feel water hitting your skin
  • Close your eyes and concentrate on the water hitting you, it is great way to awaken your senses
  • Reality check: Water is precious and becoming a rare commodity, please use it wisely
  1. Exfoliate your whole body
  • Exfoliating the whole body, legs, arms, shoulders and back, removes dead skin cells, giving you a natural glow. Looking for a natural exfoliate, which is great to your skin and our planet, here is one of my favourites Awaken Sea Salt Scrub
  • Finish off by giving your skin a good drink, in other words moisturise all over
  1. Switch off the distractions
  • Leave all the distractions of morning such as TV, radio, phones and laptops switched off
  • Enjoy the simple pleasure of your favourite morning beverage
  1. Good morning
  • Say good morning to the day, take a moment and be grateful for seeing another day
  1. Eat well
  • Eat breakfast without distractions
  • Be strong and leave the TV, radio, phone and tablets until later
  1. Dress for success
  • Dress with confidence to go out and conquer your world
  1. Smile
  • Put on your best smile because everything goes better with a smile

Bonus Tip

Declutter something to create space in your life for something that reflects you.


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