What does repurpose mean? At Eco Organiser® repurpose is defined as reusing something for a different purpose other than its initial purpose. With a little imagination stuff can be reused rather than discarded or recycled.

Why should we consider repurposing stuff rather than buy new or recycling; buying new stuff helps drive the world’s economy?

As we witness the loss of natural habitats due to logging, some mineral deposits becoming harder to obtain or running out, now more than ever is the time to rethink the cost stuff has on our environment slow down the war on waste.

Although stuff may have reached its usefulness recycling is not always the best or responsible solution to dispose of unwanted stuff. It takes energy to manufacture stuff, it also takes energy to recycle stuff, repurposing is a form of recycling minus the wheelie bin and truck (plus much more)

No time to waste

There is no time to waste, and no time like the present to repurpose things which help us live an organised, clutter free life. Why waste valuable time heading to the store to buy a storage system for the paperwork, shoes, spices or drawer divider?

As a Professional Eco Organiser® of ten years standing, I have witnessed 1000’s of people saving $1000’s and hours simply by repurposing clutter from their home, the shed, cupboards, attics, it’s the light bulb moment where the mind opens to turn clutter into storage rather than adding more stuff.

While presenting The 10R’s Box Hill Melbourne Australia, a lady in her 70’s shouted out, “your tip to repurpose muffins trays and baking tins saved my life.”

The words carbon footprint is nothing to be scared of, we all have one, we all add to the global carbon footprint. Reducing it does not mean giving up the comforts of home or going without the things we love and need to live the life you want.

Just by looking in the back of the cupboard, finding an old container and reusing it, or repurposing packaging helps to reduce our global carbon footprint.


Repurpose Packaging

With single use plastic bags being phased out in many  countries around the world,  and most states within Australia, sadly we have witnessed a new type of rage; not road or cark park rage but bag rage, outraged they had to pay for a single use bag, when in fact the cost of single use bags had been factored into all supermarket purchases for years . Here’s a thought, why not repurpose packaging as the liner?

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