Struggling to find a ways to celebrate  a sustainable Christmas, without costing the earth, check out our top 20 tips for  sustainable Christmas.

  1. Reusable gifts over disposable, example a beautiful refillable fountain pen
  2. Experiences over stuff- Movie tickets, days to together
  3. Repurpose- household paper and fabric for gift wrapping
  4. Make it, bake it, grow it- gifts, decorations- fill recycled jars with edible gifts
  5. Think and shop local- coffee vouchers for local café
  6. Recycled content- look for gifts with high recycled content
  7. 100 Food Mile- source food within your local area, enjoy a meat free Christmas
  8. Give the gift of time- hire a cleaner for a loved one, to free up time for good stuff
  9. Quality design over poor design and quality- generally lasts longer and repairable
  10. Read recycling labels- ensure your waste goes in the right bin
  11. Refuse excess packaging- look for products with less packaging, if you can’t avoid it, rethink how to reuse the packaging
  12. Accept it when someone tells you “ I don’t want a gift for Christmas, time with you is the perfect gift”
  13. Offer a helping hand- Gift your time and skills to help someone
  14. Reduce food waste- plan, plan and plan your menu and portions
  15. Walk between Christmas functions- leave the car at home, walk, ride a bike or take public transport
  16. Collaborative Consumption- rather than buy tools and toys join your local tool library or toy library
  17. Less is More- put money towards a one big gift rather than small things which clutter your home example: family holiday
  18. Sustain yourself- delegate chores and food preparation
  19. Preloved and fair-trade gifts
  20. Ask what people would like for Christmas, if you are uncomfortable asking play the detective and snoop.


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From all the team at Eco Organiser® we would like to wish you a safe and happy festive season and look forward to bringing more tips, ideas, workshops and webinars to you in 2019

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