Are you struggling to reduce waste and live the zero waste lifestyle?

You are not alone, people often share their struggles and anxiety with me, aiming for what we call “pantry porn”, it’s the one with perfectly matched glass jars, perfect labels, perfectly placed in the pantry. With a busy lifestyle of work, kids, caring for family or friends, study, we need quick and easy tips to reduce waste. But let’s start with some myth busting

Myth:    You need to buy storage products to get organised and reduce waste.

Fact:      Reducing waste reduces our carbon emissions, so let’s start there.

50 quick tips to reduce waste move towards zero waste living

  1. Rethink current behavior’s in the home, workplace, school, travel, health, environment and play time. Let go of wasteful habits, drop the guilt and perfectionism rather, know when good, is good enough.
  2.  Declutter your cupboard of things that no longer add value to your life or align with your values.
  3.  Responsibly dispose of clutter check out Useful Links
  4.  Repurpose what you have before buying new, example: the dog needs a bigger water bowl, check your cupboards first before buying another.
  5.  Question greenwashing and refuse it if you don’t believe it.
  6. Reorganise daily activities to incorporate zero waste practises. Prepare your lunch the night before and ride to work. Leave reusable bags, bottle, produce bag, straw (if you one one) with house keys.
  7.  Discover your local Repair café, and repair before landfill
  8.  Reduce food waste; write a shopping list and stick to it, plan your meals and portions.
  9.  Choose reusable products over single use wherever possible. Did you know it takes 2000 litres of water to make 1 tissue? Check out Mother Nature is on  the Nose
  10.  Recycle right and look beyond the wheelie bin Eco Organiser® Useful Links for links to Terracycle Planet Ark and more
  11.  Buy preloved, second hand and support charities
  12.  Buy products made with recycled content.
  13. Turn your clutter into opportunities by donating unwanted items to a local charity
  14.  Think and act local, buy seasonal from local growers
  15.  Buy only what you need, and ask where you can recycle the item you are replacing
  16.  Where possible use public transport, car pool, turn off lights and eat less meat
  17.  Dress for a sustainable future: Hemp, Linen, Wool, organically processed fabrics. Did you know it stakes 7000-8000 litres of water to produce 1 pair of jeans?
  18.  Stop buying crap!
  19.  Refuse the “buy one get one free” it’s costing the earth!
  20.  Know that every little bit helps
  21.  Spread positive messages to help others reduce waste
  22.  Grow your own food
  23.  Save water, did doesn’t just fall out of the sky!
  24.  Share your bin, as you reduce the amount of waste, ask your neighborhood if they will share a bin. Imagine the waste truck stopping for 1 bin rather than 20-50 times in your street, all helping to reduce carbon emissions from the stop start of the truck.
  25.  Compost, if you can, don’t stress if you can’t, just reducing your food waste all helps
  26.  Check out Share Waste App to recycle your food scraps within your community
  27.  Rinse jars and tins last in your washing up water, this helps reduce food smells, ants etc and all help at the recycling centre
  28.  Tear labels off jars and cans (if you can) before placing in the recycle bin
  29. Check out Earn and Return if you live in NSW
  30.  Recycle E Waste TV, Office Equipment, Ink Cartridges, Mobile Phones, Computers
  31.  Recycle toothpaste tubes through Terracycle and much much more, check it out!
  32.  If you are inclined, make you own cosmetics and toiletries
  33.  Get real with your time, none of us are perfect and cannot do everything, drop the super hero eco image.
  34.  Ditch the throw away and ethically declutter
  35.  Rethink storing cloud based clutter 
  36.  Join a local sustainable group
  37.  Organise a clothes swap
  38.  Give experiences over physical gifts
  39.  Refuse degradable plastic or bio degradable, they break down into tiny bits of plastic and end up in our oceans, rivers and lakes
  40.  Wear clothes longer between washes, there are obvious exceptions!!
  41.  Look after your possessions and they will look after you- repair, clean, maintain
  42. Join a library or start a street library
  43. Discover your local Tool Library or Kitchen Library
  44. Holiday at home
  45.  Refill detergents and food at your local zero waste or bulk fill store
  46.  Insulate your home to keep extreme heat out in summer and heat in, in winter
  47.  Switch to ethical companies- Power supply, Superannuation, Fashion, Transport etc
  48.  Cost permitting, look at installing solar, wind turbines or hydro
  49.  Spend time in nature not on STUFF.
  50. Say STUFF OFF! to stuff that does not add value to your life