With Covid-19 dominating our world there are many things we should not take for granted. Being forced into lock-down or self-isolation takes its toll on our well-being, with many people are being drawn to buy more STUFF, to fill a void that freedom to move around offers us. In this time of self isolation why not take this opportunity to spend time (not money) and rethink things we should never take for granted.

50 things we should never take for granted.

  1. Good health
  2. Good friends
  3. Good physical fitness
  4. Our front line workers
  5. Our environment
  6. Quicker travel time for those going to work
  7. Sunny days to help grow our food
  8. Rainy days to top up the tanks and flush our river systems
  9. Windy days to dry our clothes
  10. A roof over our heads and pillow to rest at night
  11. The art of making a pot tea
  12. Time to catch up on reading
  13. Time to declutter and recycle paperwork
  14. Time to revisit hobbies
  15. Time to learn a new skill
  16. Time to write a letter or a book
  17. Freedom of speech
  18. Discover the joy of repairing things
  19. Clean water
  20. Walks with someone I love
  21. Social distancing walk with the family
  22. ME time
  23. Opportunity to organise your wardrobe and shop you wardrobe, not buy more stuff
  24. Solo dancing
  25. Playing old LP’s and cassettes
  26. A belly laugh
  27. Time to finish  project you have always “gunna” finish
  28. Smiles from strangers
  29. Cuddles, hugs and kisses from loved ones
  30. No school runs while home schooling
  31. A great cup of coffee
  32. Real conversations
  33. Space to think
  34. Watching a bird take a bath
  35. Guilt free day dreaming
  36. New opportunities
  37. Good neighbours
  38. Strong community
  39. A wave from across the street
  40. A helping hand
  41. A comfortable pair of shoes
  42. A warm coat
  43. A warm meal
  44. Four legged friends
  45. Healthy food
  46. Space to exercise
  47. Our job
  48. People
  49. Time
  50. Life

Life is too short to be filling it with more STUFF when we have so much to be grateful for.

Tanya Lewis Eco Organiser ®

Author Ethically Declutter your Home in 30 Days and  STUFF OFF! 

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