Declutter tips for christmas

7 top tips to declutter your home in time for Christmas

With Christmas being the time of giving, eating and stuffing our homes with more stuff, now is the time to take the clutter bully by the horns and tame it. Create space for more (hopefully) good stuff to come into your home.

  1. Many hands make light work
    It is about beginning realistic with your time and the amount of clutter you have to move. It’s time to use the D word and delegate to others, you can delegate by zones, with someone looks after the bathroom, another the living room or for really cluttered areas delegate flat surfaces to one person, walls to another, in other words chunk it down, you may even wish to base the decluttering on the individual’s capabilities.
  2. Start and Finish
    Starting is always a good thing, remember it is not long before your home will start to groan under the weight of more STUFF. Importantly setting a finish date is always important otherwise time gets away from you, the whole process drags out and next thing it is Christmas eve and nothing is sorted.
  3. Gather your tools
    Check your supplies of sturdy garbage bags and storage boxes, the clutter will either be donated, recycled or into your general waste bin. Remember to place recyclables loose in the bin, they do not need to go in a plastic bag, in fact the waste management companies prefer them loose.  Stop the PRESS, not everything will be clutter, you may just need to return things to their correct home, hence it is important to check you have adequate storage boxes. To keep things on the eco organising path, always check what you have before going and buying more stuff.
  4. The 5 minute dash
    You are all sorted, now it is time to hop to it. Want to make an instance impact, do the 5 minute dash. Set a timer on your mobile phone, oven or watch for 5 minutes. Grab a bag and dash around the room picking up all the rubbish, then pick up all recyclables. Once you have emptied the rubbish and recyclable, dash back inside and pick up all the things that do not below in the that space and return them to their correct home.
  5. Sort it
    Hey presto you have decluttered a space, now it is time to sort the remaining items into logical order for this space to function for you.
  6. Repeat
    Now that you have the hang of it, repeat this in every room in your home
  7. Reward
    About now it is important to reward yourself for all your efforts. How would you reward yourself?

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