With climate change bearing down on us is it time to rethink Mother’s Day, more mindful, less over consumption of stuff?

We are enticed to purchase more stuff, but how many fluffy slippers, dressing gowns, new toasters and frying pans to make the perfect scrambled eggs does she really need? But do we really need to ramp up our consumption of ‘stuff’ just because it’s Mother’s Day, to let her know that we love her?

Let’s take a step back from that traditional Mother’s Day gift list and rethink. Put simply, if we have concerns about reducing clutter in our homes and reducing our carbon footprint and the impact of belongings on environment, perhaps our gifts could do with a change of philosophy.

One American trend forecaster says research shows that two in every three people believe they would be better off if they lived more simply with less belongings. ‘As more people realise that more stuff does not equal more happiness, but the best place to find status, identity, meaning and happiness is in experiences.’

Experience the Gift of Time

What Mum would not accept the gift of a house cleaner for a month? Giving her the gift of time to experience something special for herself!

Rethink Mother’s Day

I question the new toasters and cleaning equipment that pop up in magazines, junk mail, radio and TV ads leading up to  Mother’s Day.

Sure the toaster and vacuum may need replacing and you like the idea of the steam mop as you don’t use any chemicals to clean. But really do Mums want to be reminded of all the work associated with this STUFF?

Come Mother’s Day rethink the box of chocolates if she is trying a sugar free month, the bottle of wine if it’s an alcohol free month and fluffy slippers if she has three pairs from previous years stashed in the back of the cupboard.

Ten ways to rethink Mother’s Day without costing the Earth

  1. Prepare a beautiful lunch to share with family and friends
  2. Surprise her with a picnic in her favourite spot
  3. Pay for a house cleaner and give her the gift of time
  4. Cook meals and freeze them, giving her a break from cooking
  5. Declutter & organise her wardrobe
  6. Go for a walk or bike ride in the park together
  7. Write her a letter of gratitude
  8. Make her a card
  9. Create a beautiful flower arrangement
  10. Tell her you love her

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