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Meet Tanya Lewis – The Eco Organiser®... Waste Coach. Author. Opinion Former.

My passion is to reduce waste, save you time and money, but to help protect our planet too!

Tanya Lewis aka The Eco Organiser® Motivational Speaker and Waste Coach has a simple philosophy borrowed from Gandhi “Live simply, so others can simply live”

Tanya Lewis created Eco Organiser® after realising her passion was helping people reduce waste, organise their TIME and SPACE- and to do it in an environmentally responsible way.

Author of STUFF OFF! and Ethically Declutter Your Home in 30 Days founder of The10R’s © Tanya specialises in thinking outside the square, inspiring new ideas and introducing easy- to- maintain systems that will give you more time for the really important things in your life.

Tanya is on a mission to teach communities that being organised won’t cost the earth. Over the past few years over 8000+ people from the bush to UK and  Sydney Opera House have attended her interactive workshops, webinars and seminars, demonstrating how easy it is to reduce waste, save time, money and help protect the planet.

Since starting her business Eco Organiser®, Tanya and the Eco Organiser® community has helped divert an estimated 42 950 kg of stuff from landfill, simply by finding good homes for unwanted stuff.


It just makes good sense!

Tanya is a great communicator, with a warm and approachable manner. She makes the impossible seem possible with her pragmatic tips and helpful advice. Her care for the environment incorporated into her work blends in seamlessly, it just makes good sense! She’s saving the planet, people’s wallets and their sanity.

Claire Bell

Senior Recycling Campaigns Coordinator, Planet Ark Environmental Foundation

The Melbourne University

AWCUM’s event How to ethically declutter- The 10R’s© attracted nearly 100 staff at The University of Melbourne, giving up their lunchtime, and braving the cold to attend! Tanya’s presentation delivered her message in a non-judgemental manner, offering real solutions to rethink, refuse, reduce, reuse, and responsibly dispose of unwanted items.

I would thoroughly recommend Tanya’s seminar to any business, school, or community group seeking to reduce waste, and save time and money.

Julie Warden

Treasurer, AWCUM Association of Women on Campus at the University of Melbourne

Straight forward, entertaining and relevant

“Tanya was very well organised and great to work with. Tanya’s workshop was straight forward, entertaining and relevant. It was clear Tanya did plenty of research in the lead up to the event so that she was able to offer local knowledge on recycling and disposing responsibly of items. She also created a great atmosphere on the night that made it easy for the audience to engage and ask questions. I would certainly recommend her.”

Jessica Clark

Community Development Manager, Shell Cove ~ Frasers Property Australia

Clutter is a Global Issue

Reward was the word that many of our students hit upon having watched Tanya’s 10R’s© video.  It was revelatory to them that she positively encouraged them to congratulate themselves on a job well done.

Tanya also showed them the many things that can be done to simplify their homes as well as help the planet.  Refuse, Reuse, Repurpose being just a few more.  She clearly set out all the things that can be done and should be done 🙂

Our students – from The University of Strathclyde’s Centre for Life Long Learning – were very encouraged.  And for us, as teachers the best thing was being able to connect clutter clearing to the otherside of the world, and so ably communicate that clutter isn’t simply a personal issue, it’s global.

Dr Zemirah Moffat

on behalf of Glasgow Scotland’s Decluttering Dream Team, Elaine McKinlay of Clear Mountain, and Clara Moore of Joy of Space.

Women’s Retreat- Re treat Re store get organised for the rest of your life

“Thank you so much for the opportunity of learning from you today Tanya. I now have a changed mindset about the clutter in my life and, upon reflection, am looking forward to getting stuck into shifting it. Carol and I have agreed to be accountability partners and text each other as we complete each little milestone- on a daily basis.

Best wishes for your continued success. I believe you are providing a much-needed service.”


Re treat Re store

Thank you from Garage Sale Trail

Just a quick note to thank you  on behalf of Garage Sale Trail for your involvement in the campaign as an ambassador! You are a deeply passionate person when it comes to reducing waste by living more simply; more sustainable, and we could not have thought of a better person to advocate for Garage Sale Trail. Thank you for being available for every media opportunity (even when in the early hours of the AM) and spreading the good message about Garage Sale Trail.

Kind regards

Annie & Sheena

Progressive PR & Publicity

Passionate about Mother Earth

Tanya is passionate about Mother Earth. She conveys the necessity for each person to responsibly organize, repurpose and properly recycle their “stuff”. She knows her material well and will impress you with her facts and figures.

Judith Kolberg

Author, Getting Organized in the Era of Endless.

This goes way beyond caring for the physical environment.

Tanya was engaging and delightfully down to earth and it was a great way of promoting the fantastic services offered by Council as well as supporting the environment.

Tanya tips makes seem more doable.  This goes way beyond caring for the physical environment.   Thank you!!!

Frankston City Council

Her content was spot on.

Tanya spoke to 104 nannies at the inaugural NannyPaloozaOZ .

Her content was spot on, tailored to her audience and was extremely well received. Her handouts are very useful tools for nannies on a day to day basis.

This is the second time Tanya has spoken to a nanny group and I know she can be relied upon to deliver. She is an engaging well spoken presenter and delivers with humour and empathy.

Thank you

Louise Durham

Owner, Placement Solutions

Every Seat was taken

With over 80 people in a crowded hall, every seat was taken. Tanya was such an engaging speaker that everybody enjoyed the evening immensely.

Tanya provided practical information and advice in a most entertaining way, keeping everybody’s attention. No-one noticed the time. She was able to inspire us without playing on guilt or shame (about our cluttered stuff), just a light humour.

Our group is particularly focused on connecting people together locally to work towards sustainable living, so we particularly appreciated Tanya’s commitment to environmentally sound practices. I would thoroughly recommend Tanya Lewis as a public speaker. She can adapt to unexpected situations, connect with her audience, keep everyone engaged, and leave people feeling motivated and inspired.

Transition Banyule

Tanya Lewis

Tanya Lewis

Eco Organiser®

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Strathclyde University Glasgow



Spokesperson for Mobile Muster  & Oz Harvest Mobile For A Meal campaign  



Sydney Opera House Antidote Festival of Ideas



Ambassador Planet Ark



National Ambassador Garage Sale Trail

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2015 & 2016, 2018

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