Reduce waste and your carbon footprint

How to reduce your recycling carbon footprint

The waste we generate is no longer considered rubbish or trash to be throw into landfill; and rightly so. A great number of nations including the USA, UK and Australia cannot keep up with volume of their waste, so what do you do; we ship to places like China and 3rd world countries to deal with our problem.

China has recently informed the world

“By the end of 2017, imports of mixed paper, scrap plastics, including PVC, PET, polyethylene and polystyrene, basically a lot of packaging material, will be banned from entering China. Industry bodies have called the measure “devastating”. Source:-Raconteur

On a recent research trip to the UK I heard lots of talk around reduce, reuse and recycling. One major supermarket; Iceland is vowing to eliminate plastic on all own-branded products and Prime Minster Theresa May pledging to eliminate all avoidable plastic waste within 25 years as part of the government’s environmental strategy.

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Sustainable Interior Design

Who said decorating your home in neutrals is dull and boring?

Decorating your home in neutrals can certainly be dull and boring, although with a little splash of colour here and there, neutrals can be turned into city glamour, beach-side shack, mountain high retreat, relaxed and comfortable home, appealing to both young and old.

Having recently attended Maison Objet 2018 in Paris, I am keen to share tips on how to work with neutrals, not against them.

In 2018 I have registered my new business Rethink Sustainable Interior Design, my aim is to show how to turn your home into your life’s vision through sustainable practices. (Website coming in 2018)

Rethinking and planning space, making responsible eco friendly choices, repairing, restyling, repurposing old to new, reusing , recycling and rewarding ourselves with beautiful spaces to live in

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Wasteful clutter

Refuse Disposable Stuff

One way to stop clutter and disposable stuff entering our lives is to refuse it access. We have been sold this idea that everything needs to be convenient, to be on hand when ever we want STUFF.

Sadly; disposable and convenience has become a huge inconvenience to our environment, putting great stress on our water ways, soils not to mention our recycling systems.

Have we taken disposal and throw away to the extreme where we treat our planet as disposable, not worthy of respect?

I truly hope we have not, make 2018 the year of refusing disposable clutter

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Natural shift

An Organic Shift to Natural Skincare Products

With a movement away from chemicals in our lives, we are witnessing an organic shift towards natural skincare products. One such person embracing this is Karen and long-time follower of Eco Organiser®.

After speaking at a seminar Karen approached me to share more of her success in decluttering and simplify life, here’s a little about what she had to say.

“I feel refreshed and lighter since decluttering our home, now I want to remove chemicals from our household. What can you tell me about organic skincare products?” Continue reading

How to declutter

I don’t want to have this annoying STUFF in my life any longer!!!


Tanya your words come to me at the perfect time. I appreciate what you had shared in our on line coaching sessions.

Keep powering on in helping people get their power back!

 All the best~Sue ~ Bendigo

I have to thank you from Sue  for sharing her experience while decluttering her home. Continue reading

Get Organised

Top 10 tips to get organised for your best year YET!

“I swear this is the year I am going to get organised” How many times do we start each year with a dream to do it all differently?

  • Improve relationships
  • Spend more time with our partners and children
  • Find that illusive worklife balance
  • Get fit, lose weight and get organised…what a list!

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Tips to declutter your car

4 simple steps to declutter your car of STUFF and reduce your carbon footprint

With holiday season only days away, does your  STUFF does not need a holiday or you?

In 4 simple steps you will declutter your car and reduce your carbon footprint

In our western society most people aspire to own and drive a car. The freedom of the open road, adventure, holidays, excitement…it sounds great.

For most the reality is this comes only a few times a year.

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Stop Christmas Clutter

Rethink Christmas- Reduce, reuse, recycle and reward ourselves

Christmas can be stressful enough with more stuff cluttering our homes, when we rethink Christmas and we can reduce stress, waste and help our planet

As Eco Organiser® writes this blog, stores are spruiking it’s less than 3 weeks to Christmas, their shelves are heaving with decorations and gifts for sale.

In other words they are saying – Buy Now! Consume! Don’t miss out!

But do we really need to ramp up our consumption of ‘stuff’ just because it’s Christmas?  Let’s just take a step back from that traditional Christmas gift list and rethink. Continue reading

Stop Clutter

How to stop that vicious clutter cycle

How to stop that vicious clutter cycle

We declutter to simplify life, although how do we stop the vicious clutter cycle?  That’s stuff that slips in unnoticed, it comes in out of habit, routine, automated or our inability to say no thank you. Feeding the clutter cycle is the way we shop on impulse, for entertainment, social outlet or to fulfill a need.

What is the vicious clutter cycle?

The common pathway from purchase is Continue reading