Revisiting our blended family, back in August I introduced you to Carly and David, two beautiful soles working together to blend their two families into one space. Things were tight in their 3 bedroom home, trying to find space to blend their growing family. With a new baby on the way, it was time to seriously rethink how they lived in their home.

Carly and David have generously offered to share with everyone how they have been able to create space in their home.

Five Top Tips to help you Blend  Two Families into one

1. Communication

Not just between the parents, but also the children. We constantly kept the children in the loop of any changes we were making in the house. Not just in their bedrooms, but the house as a whole. Things like why we think the dining table functions better when turned this way…etc. This helped them adjust to change and contribute their own opinions on furniture layout.

2. Teamwork

Get the children involved in the de-cluttering process. It’s hard enough making decisions about what stays and what goes, let alone make decisions for others -especially children! We gave them tubs and rubbish bags and ask them to choose items that they can kindly donate to children in need and to select some things that can go in storage tubs to be ‘rotated’ over time. This helped minimise clutter within their rooms and toy area.

3. Shared spaces

Being a small 3 bedroom house, deciding where to put each child was a huge breaking point for us. We finally decided to put bubs in with her step sister as the room is only used when she visits part time. We divided up the wardrobe and bought them matching drawers which they can put their featured toys on top of. We gave them matching linen for cohesion and then personalised each side of the room with decor and their fave colours.

4. Enjoy the outdoors more

We decided as a family to enjoy the outdoors more, do more crafts, travelling and other adventurous activities rather than spending too much time inside with computer games and toys. This means we can limit the clutter coming into the house and save money towards family holidays.

5. Stick at it

Being organised and de-cluttering is an ongoing process.

  • If something comes into the house, then something must go.
  • Hold regular garage sales and donate what you don’t sell, this means your garage won’t get cluttered.
    Everything needs a home or it gets lost, avoid those floating piles of untidiness, I am constantly culling clothing and toys mostly.
  • Paperwork has designated folders and we have a beautiful large handmade cork board that my Father-in-law made to post school notices, bills and to feature the kids’ artworks!
  • The artworks then get pasted into a scrapbook, recycled or used as wrapping paper for gifts.

Carly. 🙂

Where to next?
And yes Laundry has been re-done twice as it suits our needs.

Thank you so much Carly and David, we love your story.

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