Tips to declutter your car

4 simple steps to declutter your car of STUFF and reduce your carbon footprint

With holiday season only days away, does your  STUFF does not need a holiday or you?

In 4 simple steps you will declutter your car and reduce your carbon footprint

In our western society most people aspire to own and drive a car. The freedom of the open road, adventure, holidays, excitement…it sounds great.

For most the reality is this comes only a few times a year.

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Natural shift

An Organic Shift to Natural Skincare Products

With a movement away from chemicals in our lives, we are witnessing an organic shift towards natural skincare products. One such person embracing this is Karen and long-time follower of Eco Organiser®.

After speaking at a seminar Karen approached me to share more of her success in decluttering and simplify life, here’s a little about what she had to say.

“I feel refreshed and lighter since decluttering our home, now I want to remove chemicals from our household. What can you tell me about organic skincare products?” Continue reading

How to declutter

I don’t want to have this annoying STUFF in my life any longer!!!


Tanya your words come to me at the perfect time. I appreciate what you had shared in our on line coaching sessions.

Keep powering on in helping people get their power back!

 All the best~Sue ~ Bendigo

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Get Organised

Top 10 tips to get organised for your best year YET!

“I swear this is the year I am going to get organised” How many times do we start each year with a dream to do it all differently?

  • Improve relationships
  • Spend more time with our partners and children
  • Find that illusive worklife balance
  • Get fit, lose weight and get organised…what a list!

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Stop Christmas Clutter

Rethink Christmas- Reduce, reuse, recycle and reward ourselves

Christmas can be stressful enough with more stuff cluttering our homes, when we rethink Christmas and we can reduce stress, waste and help our planet

As Eco Organiser® writes this blog, stores are spruiking it’s less than 3 weeks to Christmas, their shelves are heaving with decorations and gifts for sale.

In other words they are saying – Buy Now! Consume! Don’t miss out!

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Stop Clutter

How to stop that vicious clutter cycle

How to stop that vicious clutter cycle

We declutter to simplify life, although how do we stop the vicious clutter cycle?  That’s stuff that slips in unnoticed, it comes in out of habit, routine, automated or our inability to say no thank you. Feeding the clutter cycle is the way we shop on impulse, for entertainment, social outlet or to fulfill a need.

What is the vicious clutter cycle?

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Eco Friendly Fashion

Baby Steps with a Fashionable Footprint

Fashionable Footprint
With our growing passion for fashion so to does our growing carbon footprint, leaving a mess for the next generation to clean up.

With the global apparel market valued at 3 trillion dollars and accounts for 2 percent of the world’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) we are not talking about loose change. Source Fashion United

Australians are the world’s second largest consumers of textiles, buying an average of 27 kilograms of new clothing and other textiles each year. With more than 500,000 tonnes of textiles and leather end up in landfill each year.

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Stuff the kids don't want

From latch key kids to Allan key kids, they don’t want your STUFF!

7 top tips on how to get over the fact that the kids do not want your stuff

The baby boomers and Gen X’ers started out as latch key kids, letting themselves into the house after school, making decisions and choices from a young age. One of the most common statements I hear at my workshops is “The kids don’t want my stuff”

Let’s be honest here, why should they want your stuff, it is not embedded in their DNA that they are going to follow the same fashions as you do. I know that may seem tough, but it is true. Personally, I love the pieces from my family, they carry stories which fill in the blanks or give me a greater appreciate for how they worked hard to make or purchase these things.

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Stuff that nobody wants

How to get over the disappointment that nobody wants your STUFF!

We work hard to create our ideal home and life, and throughout the years we accumulate stuff that falls into 3 categories the good, bad and the downright ugly.

Things in our homes often reflect the life we had or wished to had, but what happens when it is time to rethink life, to downsize either by choice or not, and all of a sudden you find out nobody wants your stuff!!

We go through a range of feelings- hurt, embarrassed, angry, confused, deflated, bruised ego, to overwhelmed with fear of what to do with this STUFF!

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