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Business- The True Cost of Clutter and Disorganisation – 6 Tips to Conquer Clutter

With the constant flow of new responsibilities and roles filtering into our workload, how are we to keep track of meeting notes, searching for files, and trying to stay up-to-date? In most cases it comes at a cost, a cost on our time, relationships and health.

I speak from experience, in my previous life I was consumed by my job, excelling in a male dominated industry, I identified myself though my career and I loved it. As the hours grew longer and workload increased, so did my clutter. Too busy focusing on my role and not on my health, I found out the true cost of clutter and disorganisation.

Clutter Isn’t Just Physical

My clutter was not physical clutter, it was the stuff I carried around in my head, massive to do list’s, plans and ideas, meetings, targets to meet and managing a sales team. Don’t get me wrong I loved it but my body was telling me a very different story.

How do we cope when we are pinged, tweeted, zoomed, facetimed trying to function on a diet of constant learning to keep up with new things, sifting through information, swapping quickly between tasks and multitasking? Generally speaking…not very well Continue reading

Winning the war on waste

Small Business-Winning the War on Waste

La Casa Nostra Deli is a family owned business winning the battle against the war on waste. Business owners Phil and Susan Tomasello are actively reducing single use packaging and encouraging their customers to refill, reuse and recycle within the La Casa Nostra community; overall rethinking waste and winning in more ways than one.

This multi-faceted deli and coffee shop has become known as a ‘zero waste’ one stop shop in Rosebud on the Mornington Peninsula. The secret to their success comes from their passion to supply gourmet foods such as cheese, small-goods to their clients and an absolute passion for closing the loop. Continue reading

bathroom clutter

Time Savers vs Time Wasters How to identify clutter from time savers in your bathroom

In our busy lives, who has time to waste looking for things? When we need to be heading out the door in the morning, we need an organised bathroom to shave, shower and get sorted.

Standing in your bathroom look around and list 5 things that save you valuable time



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top tips to reduce waste

10 Tip to Reduce Waste and Eco Organise your Home

With energy costs increasing and talk of increasing recycling costs, due to China closing its doors to the worlds waste, there are many ways to reduce waste energy costs and eco organise our home, without costing the earth.

  1. Put a lid on it

When boiling a pot of water for pasta, put a lid on it, this simple act saves energy, time and money

  1. Like with like

Place cooking pots and pans on a hob/burner closest to the size of the pot, a big pot on small burner uses more energy to heat or cook, likewise a small pot on big burner, waste energy and can burn your hand, with gas flames licking the sides of the pot you can burn your hand when picking it up. Continue reading

A- Z recycling guide

A-Z Responsible Recycling

Recycling doesn’t always mean throwing stuff in the wheelie bin at the curb, we can recycle at home or in the office to extend the use of a product before placing it in the bin. Let’s not forget that our local government and authorities cannot recycle everything.

To help you declutter and responsibly dispose of your unwanted items we have created an A-Z of how to responsible recycle or donate your unwanted stuff. From recycling cars to hair, lets’ turn our clutter into opportunities for people in need.

 A. Artificial Christmas Tress

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Scared of living your dreams?

Scared of Living Your Dreams? Five top tips to let go of the clutter and start living your dreams

Too often we don’t live our dreams, reasons vary from lack of time, money, energy or we are scared to step outside our comfort zone; and worry what others might think or say.

On my recent trip to Europe I fulfilled so many of my life’s visions, and in some instances, I stepped well and truly outside my comfort zone. The pleasure for me was removing doubt, fear and anxiety each and every time I conquered things, that in the past had stopped me from living my dreams.

Our clutter is not always physical stuff

We have a knack of building walls around us to keep out the scary stuff, holding in the self-doubt, self-loathing and sadly we are missing out of some the really good stuff.

While traveling through the UK, France and Switzerland it was a joy to witness so many people living their dreams. There was one in particular occasion that touch my heart, it was on the day I Continue reading

Reduce waste and your carbon footprint

How to reduce your recycling carbon footprint

The waste we generate is no longer considered rubbish or trash to be throw into landfill; and rightly so. A great number of nations including the USA, UK and Australia cannot keep up with volume of their waste, so what do you do; we ship to places like China and 3rd world countries to deal with our problem.

China has recently informed the world

“By the end of 2017, imports of mixed paper, scrap plastics, including PVC, PET, polyethylene and polystyrene, basically a lot of packaging material, will be banned from entering China. Industry bodies have called the measure “devastating”. Source:-Raconteur

On a recent research trip to the UK I heard lots of talk around reduce, reuse and recycling. One major supermarket; Iceland is vowing to eliminate plastic on all own-branded products and Prime Minster Theresa May pledging to eliminate all avoidable plastic waste within 25 years as part of the government’s environmental strategy.

All positive but how can we make our waste a valuable commodity? Continue reading

Sustainable Interior Design

Who said decorating your home in neutrals is dull and boring?

Decorating your home in neutrals can certainly be dull and boring, although with a little splash of colour here and there, neutrals can be turned into city glamour, beach-side shack, mountain high retreat, relaxed and comfortable home, appealing to both young and old.

Having recently attended Maison Objet 2018 in Paris, I am keen to share tips on how to work with neutrals, not against them.

In 2018 I have registered my new business Rethink Sustainable Interior Design, my aim is to show how to turn your home into your life’s vision through sustainable practices. (Website coming in 2018)

Rethinking and planning space, making responsible eco friendly choices, repairing, restyling, repurposing old to new, reusing , recycling and rewarding ourselves with beautiful spaces to live in

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Wasteful clutter

Refuse Disposable Stuff

One way to stop clutter and disposable stuff entering our lives is to refuse it access. We have been sold this idea that everything needs to be convenient, to be on hand when ever we want STUFF.

Sadly; disposable and convenience has become a huge inconvenience to our environment, putting great stress on our water ways, soils not to mention our recycling systems.

Have we taken disposal and throw away to the extreme where we treat our planet as disposable, not worthy of respect?

I truly hope we have not, make 2018 the year of refusing disposable clutter

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