Are we buying a promise of something remarkable or life changing to happen from our investment of time and money, that makes it hard to let go clutter.

  • If I buy these skinny jeans I will look thin

  • If I buy this power tool I will become the ultimate DIY/handyman/women
  • If I join the gym I will lose weight and get fit.

I am sorry to say that just by joining the gym, does not mean you will lose weight or get fit; it just means you have become a financial contributor to the gym! We are buying a dream of something or someone we wish to be, are these items symbols of a time, of someone we knew or how we would like to live? How to we stop buying a dream and starting living our true life?


Before you buy anything new, stop and pause to rethink and ask yourself

  • Do I need it?
  • Do I have similar already?
  • Do I feel really excited about this or mediocre?

When we stop and check in with what we already have, we are less likely to buy more of the same, we also give our emotions time to catch up with our ration thoughts. Did you know? It takes between 7000 -8000 litres of water to produce a single pair of jeans & emits 23.5kg  of carbon emissions!!! Source: Mud Jeans 

At Eco Organiser® we do not advocate that if we have not used things in 3, 6 or 12 months that you must chuck of it. There are somethings that we will never use, but they are precious and need be kept and honoured. These things nature and support us and bring us joy. BUT and this is a big BUT, saving everything will not change your clutter problem or add value to your life.  From an environmental stand point,  we have made the decision to bring these things into our homes, we must be responsible for the disposal of this STUFF.


It is about setting limits that you will stick to.

  • Set limits how much you keep for sentimental reasons
  • Only hold on to 20 percent of the most important things in your defined categories
  • Define your categories: kid’s artwork, clothes, tools, books, photos, furniture, cars, fishing equipment, games etc.
  • Find a charity you are passionate about and ask if they would like your unwanted items. Rather than sending them to landfill why not find a good home for them,  for someone else to enjoy and benefit from, or check out our Recycling & Responsible Resources page

You will retain all the memories without the physical reminder of it, plus have more time and space to do the things you love, so let go of the clutter and start living your true life.

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