Ever thought about the time we waste due to poor time management? How often do we waste time on tasks that are no longer relevant to our day or tasks,  when we waste time it could be the difference between boom and bust.

Time spent organising, decluttering and planning our time is not wasted;  clearing space is known to improve creativity, reduce stress, enhance productivity and save money.

But how do I de-clutter my time?

There is no gain without a little pain, start by clearing time in your day to de-clutter.

Switch off

Devices are designed to keep us connected and informed, but at what cost.  With the average office worker interrupted seventy-three times every day. And the average manager is interrupted every eight minutes¹.

Interruptions include telephone calls, incoming email messages and interruptions by colleagues, cost time. Statistics tell us that it takes 20 minutes to get back to the level of concentration that we were at prior to the disruption. Dr. Richard Swenson, 1992

Switch off anything that is longer relevant, such as devises that ping, telling you, you have received a message. “you have just won…..” or “we are out of milk…..”


The key to your success is to find one planner that works for you. Your preferred planner should be easy to access, update and use. If you are a paper diary person and not digital diary person, then use a paper diary. If you a device resonates with you don’t even try a paper version. Operating two systems, creates confusion, double handling with more chances of missing something important or losing things.

Plan Your Time

  • How can you plan your time when we don’t know what we have scheduled?
  • How can you effectively plan time when you “guesstimate” the time you have available and struggle to estimate the time per task?

Being honest and realistic with your time is paramount to your success. With a clear diary/planner, let’s plan for an upcoming day of meetings: example

Preparation time- notes, presentation, staff briefing, displays, tools etc4
Travel time including: flights, trains, driving, parking, traffic1
Downtime between meetings- refreshments comfort break, time to collate information and collect thoughts1
Return travel or travel time to next meeting1

Clear plans lead to clear outcomes, invest time to declutter and stop wasting time.

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