Clutter or dreams

Buying a dream or buying clutter?

Skinny jeans make me look skinny, but am I buying a dream or buying clutter?

Do you get so emotionally attached to stuff, that it is too hard or painful to let go—even if you don’t use it anymore?

There is a bond, or a relationship formed with our stuff, a promise of something remarkable, life changing coming from our investment of time and money, making it hard to let go.

  • If I buy these skinny jeans I will look thin
  • If I buy this power tool I will become the ultimate DIY/handyman/women
  • If I join the gym I will lose weight and get fit.

I am sorry to say that just by joining the gym, does not mean you will lose weight or get fit; it just means you have become a financial contributor to the gym! Continue reading

De clutter and live life

Why you should de clutter and start living the life you want without costing the Earth

We all choose to bring things into our homes to make us feel loved, secure, attractive, healthy, wealthy and wise. But how much of this stuff truly makes us feel loved and secure? In other words is it living up to our expectations? Is it delivering our dreams and hopes or does it just start to take over our time, space, cost us money and become clutter? Continue reading