Shoe Organising

How to organise your shoes and handbags

Having our shoes and handbags organised can make a world of difference. Shoes and handbags are something some of us take for granted, for others owning a pair of shoes is something they dream about. Shoes are there to protect our feet, make us feel good, get us to work, school or on the running track, but have you ever thought about the environmental impact they have on the planet?

Results from a pilot project CO2Shoes revealed that the phase which most contributes to the shoe’s carbon footprint is the manufacture of footwear components with a share of 58%, followed by packaging manufacture with 16%, assembling and finishing with 11%, end of life with 9%, and finally, the distribution of footwear to consumers with 6%.

The results also showed significant differences in the carbon footprint values of the shoes models (sandals, safety, etc.), ranging from 1.3 to 25.3 kg of C02 equivalents, with an average of 10 kg C02 equivalents per pair of shoes, including its packaging. Source CO2Shoes Continue reading

clutter spiral

Get in touch with clutter and stop the clutter spiral

Getting in touch with clutter does not mean going all Marie Kondo; touchy feely, but it does require an honest assessment of the true cost of clutter- loss of productivity, creates stress/anxiety, decreases sense of self control, negative impact on self-esteem, negative impact on health.

Solution: Get in touch with clutter

Ask yourself Do I like it and use it?

Does it add value to my work/life? Continue reading

How to

20 Top Tips for a Sustainable Christmas

Struggling to find a ways to celebrate  a sustainable Christmas, without costing the earth, check out our top 20 tips for  sustainable Christmas.

  1. Reusable gifts over disposable, example a beautiful refillable fountain pen
  2. Experiences over stuff- Movie tickets, days to together
  3. Repurpose- household paper and fabric for gift wrapping
  4. Make it, bake it, grow it- gifts, decorations- fill recycled jars with edible gifts
  5. Think and shop local- coffee vouchers for local café
  6. Recycled content- look for gifts with high recycled content
  7. 100 Food Mile- source food within your local area, enjoy a meat free Christmas
  8. Give the gift of time- hire a cleaner for a loved one, to free up time for good stuff
  9. Quality design over poor design and quality- generally lasts longer and repairable
  10. Read recycling labels- ensure your waste goes in the right bin
  11. Refuse excess packaging- look for products with less packaging, if you can’t avoid it, rethink how to reuse the packaging
  12. Accept it when someone tells you “ I don’t want a gift for Christmas, time with you is the perfect gift”
  13. Offer a helping hand- Gift your time and skills to help someone
  14. Reduce food waste- plan, plan and plan your menu and portions
  15. Walk between Christmas functions- leave the car at home, walk, ride a bike or take public transport
  16. Collaborative Consumption- rather than buy tools and toys join your local tool library or toy library
  17. Less is More- put money towards a one big gift rather than small things which clutter your home example: family holiday
  18. Sustain yourself- delegate chores and food preparation
  19. Preloved and fair-trade gifts
  20. Ask what people would like for Christmas, if you are uncomfortable asking play the detective and snoop.


Bonus tip: Offset your Christmas carbon footprint, check out

Is there someone in your life that would benefit from a little decluttering and order, why not order a signed copy of our Tanya’s book STUFF OFF! Suffocated by clutter? Practical tips that won’t cost the earth to rid your life of clutter.

From all the team at Eco Organiser® we would like to wish you a safe and happy festive season and look forward to bringing more tips, ideas, workshops and webinars to you in 2019

The 10Rs© Rethink Responsible Refuse Repurpose Reorganise Repair Reduce Reuse Recycle Reward

Top tips to declutter christmas

7 Top Tips to Ethically Declutter and get back your Christmas Mojo

How do you feel when you hear Christmas carols playing in the stores already? Do you kick up your heals and skip around the store filling your basket with stuff? Or do you stick you head in a hole and try to forget about the stuff that is about to invade in your home?

In a recent survey they found that the average Australian family spent $963 per year on gifts, what is really scary, $620 worth of the gifts was considered “unwanted” other words CLUTTER!

Seriously how much soap on a rope or undies do you really need? Continue reading

Fix the Planet

Fixing the Planet One Repair at a Time- 12 things you must have in your repair kit

With International Repair Day on the 20th October, and you want to stop throwing stuff out that can be fixed if you had the tools; the question is what do you need in your repair kit or tool box?

Having a simple repair kit at hand saves time and money and when you have taught yourself how to fix something you feel like you can take on the world.

In this era of designed obsolesce and throwaway mentality a simple repair kit can extend the life of stuff we would normally throw away.

The Perfect Divorce Gift Continue reading

How to fold a fitted sheet

How to master the art of folding a fitted sheet

Do you struggle to fold a fitted sheet?
Well it is about time we blow that myth out of the water, no more feeling like you have wrestled an octopus or done ten rounds trying to get a beach sunshade back in the original bag- there is no way!

After a little practice you will be able to fold a fitted sheet while chatting to friends, walking around the house or standing still and enjoying the fact you have mastered the art of folding a fitted sheet.

Continue reading

cluttered homes

Cluttered Home Cluttered Head

We choose to bring things into our lives and homes to make us feel loved, secure, attractive, healthy, wealthy and wise. But how much of this stuff truly makes us feel loved and secure?

Ask yourself

  • Is it living up to my expectations?
  • Is it delivering my hopes and dreams or is taking control of my time and space?

Decluttering creates a sense of confidence and self-efficacy (seeing yourself as competent). Source: Psychology Today

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Mother nature

Mother Nature in on the Nose

Mother nature has a way of reminding us when things are going right and when she is upset. With 2016 and 2017 on record as being the hottest years, and bush fires in the Arctic circle, she is start to tell us something.

Through small changes in our lifestyle we can make a difference, we have already seen the impact War on Waste has had in Australia; on mass people are refusing the plastic bottle, straw and shopping bags, recycling e waste not hoarding it and letting our supermarkets we are ok with bent banana’s but not ok with excess packaging.

I would like to throw one more into the mix.

Rethink the Humble Hankie Continue reading

Eco friendly home

An eco organised life with Tanya Lewis

A sneak peak into an eco organised home and life.

Long time friend and fellow professional organiser Tanya Lea of Declutterhome, finally persuaded founder of Eco Organiser Tanya Lewis to open the door to her  home and life and share her story and tell us a little about The 10R’s©.

Full story : An eco organised life with Tanya Lewis


  1. Rethink

Continue reading

ReStore Clutter

Help Stop the Poverty Cycle- Turn Clutter into Opportunities

Clutter robs us of time, space and energy, so why not turn our clutter into opportunities. The association between Eco Organiser® and ReStore Habitat for Humanity goes back some eight years, promoting them as a place to donate quality items and shop, to the 6000+ that have attended or by donating a $1 from the sale of our book STUFF OFF.

After such a long association it was time to catch up with the Russell Croxford, ReStore Manager of Habitat for Humanity Victoria.

I started by asking what drives his team to do what they do and the benefits to society and our planet? Continue reading