Sustainable Interior Design

Who said decorating your home in neutrals is dull and boring?

Decorating your home in neutrals can certainly be dull and boring, although with a little splash of colour here and there, neutrals can be turned into city glamour, beach-side shack, mountain high retreat, relaxed and comfortable home, appealing to both young and old.

Having recently attended Maison Objet 2018 in Paris, I am keen to share tips on how to work with neutrals, not against them.

In 2018 I have registered my new business Rethink Sustainable Interior Design, my aim is to show how to turn your home into your life’s vision through sustainable practices. (Website coming in 2019)

Rethinking and planning space, making responsible eco friendly choices, repairing, restyling, repurposing old to new, reusing , recycling and rewarding ourselves with beautiful spaces to live in

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