I don’t love this stuff anymore!!

I don’t love this stuff anymore, how do I find good homes for unwanted stuff? When you fall out of love with objects, it does not mean they won’t organise, inspire and nurture someone else.

Whether you live in Australia, U.S.A, UK or beyond we have over 130 Useful Links to make it easy to find a charity or recycling facility that will turn your clutter into opportunities. Continue reading

Paperwork Organised

How to organise household paperwork and bills in 3 simple steps

Paperwork causes great stress to many people, and to be honest I have put off writing a blog on how to organise paper, simply because I thought my system was too simple, sure there must be a better way to organise paper in 3 simple steps, the key is keep in simple and chunk it down.Henry Ford best describes it well

“Nothing is particularly hard if you divide it into small jobs.”

Step 1

Choose a landing place for your mail, ONE location in your home to read, pay bills and file and action all paperwork. Continue reading

Cluttered Business

5 Clutter Clusters-Part 3. Time Management

Part 3. Time Management Can your business afford the cost of clutter?

We think of clutter as physical items, yet cluttering our time with stuff that is no longer relevant to our day or tasks,  could be the difference between boom and bust. Time spent organising, decluttering and planning our time is not wasted;  clearing space is known to improve creativity, reduce stress, enhance productivity and save money.

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Refuse Waste and Clutter

The 10 R’s© No 3. Refuse Sustainable Clutter Free Living

The 10R’s© No 3. Refuse

Refusing items that don’t add value to your life guarantees less clutter enters our life, home or office. But let’s be honest, it can be difficult to refuse the bargain, buy one get one free, miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime.

What’s a bargain if it’s never used, takes up valuable storage space, money to service, time spent caring for it, yet never used? The answer: Clutter

Generally speaking, offers of buy one get one free are cheaper, poor quality items; personally, I have never seen, buy one get one free when it comes to luxury sports cars, or designer labelled clothes. Continue reading

Declutter responsibly

The 10R’s© No 2. Responsible Sustainable Clutter Free Living

With decluttering the hot topic; Marie Kondo’s advising us to ask our stuff “does it spark joy” if not throw it out. RESPONSIBLE disposal and consumption is critical to slow down if not stop this throw away mindset, and start by taking responsibility for unwanted stuff.

Australian homes hold approximately 6 cubic meters per household of clutter or 52,527,886 m³, if we placed a box of clutter along every inch of the Australian coastline, we will go around Australia about 6 time or 210,112km. Source Choosi: Clutter Report

Throw away the decluttering mindset not the stuff Continue reading

Rethink Clutter

The 10R’s© No. 1 Rethink- Sustainable Clutter Free Living


When it comes to decluttering and creating order in our home, careers and lives, RETHINK is Number No.1 in our sustainable organising system The 10R’s© for a very important reason. When we stop and pause for 3 seconds to rethink a future purchase or reasoning for holding on to stuff, it allows our emotions to catch up with our rational thoughts. It calms our mind to evaluate what you need and want in your life.

Hanging onto stuff that does not make us happy is not rational, likewise buying something which does not add value to our lives does not make sense. It’s not uncommon to see people shopping for stuff to fill a void in their life, toys for kids when a marriage has broken down, handbags and shoes the celebrities wear, because we think we will live the same life, if we only have those shoes, buying the latest herbs and spices so you too can become the greatest chief on the planet.

When we stop and rethink for 3 seconds ask yourself Continue reading

Fix the Planet

Fixing the Planet One Repair at a Time- 12 things you must have in your repair kit

With International Repair Day on the 20th October, and you want to stop throwing stuff out that can be fixed if you had the tools; the question is what do you need in your repair kit or tool box?

Having a simple repair kit at hand saves time and money and when you have taught yourself how to fix something you feel like you can take on the world.

In this era of designed obsolesce and throwaway mentality a simple repair kit can extend the life of stuff we would normally throw away.

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Mother nature

Mother Nature in on the Nose

Mother nature has a way of reminding us when things are going right and when she is upset. With 2016 and 2017 on record as being the hottest years, and bush fires in the Arctic circle, she is start to tell us something.

Through small changes in our lifestyle we can make a difference, we have already seen the impact War on Waste has had in Australia; on mass people are refusing the plastic bottle, straw and shopping bags, recycling e waste not hoarding it and letting our supermarkets we are ok with bent banana’s but not ok with excess packaging.

I would like to throw one more into the mix.

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Eco friendly home

An eco organised life with Tanya Lewis

A sneak peak into an eco organised home and life.

Long time friend and fellow professional organiser Tanya Lea of Declutterhome, finally persuaded founder of Eco Organiser Tanya Lewis to open the door to her  home and life and share her story and tell us a little about The 10R’s©.

Full story : An eco organised life with Tanya Lewis


  1. Rethink

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Declutter and save money

Six Top Tips to Declutter and Save Serious Money

$6623 is the total financial value of clutter respondents from a recent study, estimated is cluttering homes, this translates to $59 361 949 000 worth of clutter Australia wide.

Source: Core Data

What would you do with an extra $6623?

  • Holiday
  • Top up the mortgage, pay rent, save towards a deposit
  • Pay off credit card bill, car payments

When we know what we have we are less likely to buy more of the same, thus saving money and reducing clutter. Sorting, organising and decluttering works like a stocktake it highlights what we have, need and use.

Six Top Tips to Declutter and Save Serious Money Continue reading