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This is why I love to speak about decluttering and how to simplify life

I love to speak about eco organising and how we can declutter and simplify life without costing the earth. With a few simple changes in our home, habits, work and travel we can all make a difference to the health our planet.

Everything we bring into our space has taken energy to produce it, somewhere in the world a tree has been cut down, a well has been dug to produce the things we need and want. What I see as a professional Eco Organiser® is so much STUFF is used once then stuffed in the back of a cupboard, to the point where home no longer function, costing us time, money and energy.

When I to receive feedback like this, it really was time to reward myself with a happy dance!!

Hi Tanya

Here’s a summary of the feedback comments to make your day


  • Tanya was extremely engaging and I found the workshops very helpful
  • Well informed and entertaining
  • Tanya was very motivating and inspirational
  • Practical and realistic advice
  • The speaker was inspirational and gave fabulous ideas to declutter and reduce waste
  • Very practical and informative
  • Extremely informative, non-critical and humorous presentation
  • Entertaining presentation and good involvement, very practical
  • Very practical and great to help be rethink habits
  • Lots of great ideas inspiring me to get organised
  • Covered so much more than just decluttering – environment issues
  • Tanya was fabulous, easy to listen to with very practical advice.
  • Rational and logical. Wasn’t just about throwing things out, Recycling and reusing was talked about positively.
  • Practical ways to declutter, while keeping in mind the environmental impact.
  • I have learnt a lot! Good advice given by Tanya. I hope I am able to move forward now.
  • Very useful and interesting session. Three cheers to Tanya, well done!
  • Informative, covering a range of topics with lots of tips and tricks.

Moonee Valley City Council

Do you reward yourself and your successes?

The 10R’s © Rethink Responsible Refuse Repurpose Reorganise Repair Reduce Reuse Recycle Reward


Tanya Lewis

Tanya was more than happy to answer questions and help the women individually

“After speaking with Tanya Lewis on the phone I decided she would be perfect to run a “Declutter your life” workshop at our recent women retreat. This workshop was a combination of useful tips and information with a focus on the environment and sustainability and a fun activity thrown in as well. Tanya was more than happy to answer questions and help the women individually and made the session interesting and enjoyable. Thanks Tanya!”

Templer Society, Phillip Island (August 2011)
“De clutter to Simplify your Life” Workshop

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