Moving house can be stressful enough, organising a removalists or asking your mate if you can borrow his ute, decided what is clutter and how to stop the sentimental stuff clutter your life, before you even starting to pack. All of a sudden it’s one month til you move house and nothing is organised.

Don’t stress we have it organised in a sustainable way so  not to wear you down.

1 month to moving day                        

If you have not started to declutter, now is the time to start, the golden rule is never move clutter with you, always declutter before you move.

How to declutter in 5 simple steps




Repurpose clean wrapping materials such as old towels, sheets, paper collected from shopping (white butchers, deli paper, tissue paper). Gather boxes and containers to pack items in. Decide which belongings you’ll pack and which you will leave for the removalist. 
Number every moving box clearly, leaving off content details 
Watch your security- Prepare a separate list detailing box numbers and contents 
Pack any belongings you use the least (e.g. books, photo albums) 
Watch your back- Pack lighter items in bigger boxes and heavier items in smaller boxes 
Place small objects in a small container that could go missing in a larger box 
Pack things inside of awkwardly shaped items (e.g. baskets, laundry bins, suitcases) then pack these in larger boxes to secure and stack them more efficiently when moving 
Dismantle furniture that comes apart easily that you don’t need before your move 
Place any removable hardware (e.g. screws, bolts) from dismantled furniture and other items in a small clear plastic bag or container. Tape bags to larger pieces or safely secure 

2 weeks to moving day

Notify utility services (e.g. gas, phone, electricity) and organise for disconnection/reconnection. 
Arrange mail redirection 
Ask family or friends to care for children and pets on moving day 
Continue packing as you go 

 1 week to moving day

Pack bedding and towels to be used in your new home on moving day and number clearly. Ask for this box to be the last loaded so it is one of the first unloaded 
Label all cords and connections before dismantling 
Gather together jewelry, identification, important documents and other essential items, ensure they travel with you on the day 
Put together an ‘Essentials Kit’ with basic needs for moving day (e.g. medications, first aid, coffee, tea, kettle, mugs, snacks, dog leads, pet food) 
Put together a ‘Mini Toolkit’ with essential tools, packing tape, a torch and Stanley knife. Place this into your important ‘Bits & Pieces’ box 
Pack a bag for each family member containing necessities (e.g. change of clothes, sleepwear, toiletries, books, favourite toys for children) 
Organise a dinner party invited your friends and family to help clear the fridge, pantry and freeze of food 

 1 day to moving day 

Clean the fridge and defrost your freezer 
Drain any liquid from your washing machine, ice maker, iron, garden hose and sprayers 
Put all your valuables in a safe place as they will travel with you 
Charge all mobile phones and place phone chargers your travel bag 
Store important phone numbers in your mobile are written on a piece of paper (e.g. removalist, real estate agent) just in case your battery runs down or phone gets misplaced 
Confirm your gas, electricity and water meters are scheduled for reading and disconnection 
Keep your important ‘Bits & Pieces Box’ handy on the kitchen bench to add any last minute items 
Check everything is clean and organised at your new home (e.g. kitchen and bathrooms cleaned, vacuumed) 
Try to get a good night’s sleep. 

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