Meet Chantal Imbach professional photo organiser and declutter expert our guest blogger. Like Eco Organiser® Chantal is passionate about looking after our planet, in her second guest blog Chantal shares her knowledge on how to responsibly dispose of unwanted photos.

How to Responsibly Dispose of Unwanted Photos

  • Printed photos

Unlike other items, photos are usually not the type of possessions to donate to a charity or to sell, unless they are of interest to a local historic society or vintage shop. Unfortunately, they cannot be recycled due to the chemicals used for development and have to go into the general rubbish bin. If you are concerned about identity theft you can shred them beforehand.

If the photos have been printed on a normal ink jet at home, they can go into the recycling bin.

  • Negatives and slides

Negatives can usually be dropped off wherever you can bring xrays to. Check your local council’s website to find out where that is. Slides should be taken apart. The film is the same as the negatives, the frame is either cardboard or hard plastic and can be recycled.

  • Digital photos

That’s easy, just press ‘delete’ ;-). If you have to dispose of a computer or an external drive though, it will have to go to e-waste.

  • Photo frames

If the frame is still in good shape, you can donate it to charity. If not, you’ll have to take it apart and separate the glass from the frame. In my council, the glass of a photo frame has to go into general rubbish and can’t be recycled. If it’s hard plastic, it can go into the recycle bin. Again, check with your local council if you’re not sure. The frame will depend on the materials, usually plastic, wood or light metal.

  • Albums

If it’s an unused album and in good shape, consider donating it. Otherwise, according to my local council, it will have to go in the general rubbish bin.

Chantal Imbach of Photos In Order believes photographs, and the stories that go with them, have the power to connect people. Chantal brings order to photo collections and empowers her clients to share their photographs with family, now and into the future.

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