A few declutter tips to lift our head and heart out of the Covid haze is just want we need. 2020 will go down in history as one of the most stressful for our generation, living in a constant haze and for many it’s been and continues to be a living hell, draining our health services, emotions, finances, testing our communities and friendships.

Shifting our heads above the haze is best achieved when our minds are cleared of stuff that depresses, worries and stop us from living the life we want or as close to covid normal.

Buying more stuff that does not add value to our lives adds layers of stress, anxiety and adds to our carbon footprint. Without being flippant how many people dying from/with Covid19 utter words such as “I wish I got to the half yearly sales” it’s more likely their last words are“I wish I spent more time with my kids, family and friends” “I wish my family where with me now”

Declutter tips to shift your head and heart above the covid haze

Experience real life fun

When was the last time you had a full-on belly laugh, laughed until you cried or wet yourself? One thing that makes me laugh is watching baby birds, magpies playing and parrots swinging around the power lines or sliding down the roof. I also favor laughing at yourself, I am an expert at doing silly things and find it hard not to laugh at myself. Why not warm up your insides with belly laughter and take a moment to feel the difference.

 Move out of your comfort zone

I am challenging you to move outside your comfort zone and embrace new ideas, thoughts, reorganise your lifestyle, drop the eco warrior image and your expectations, rather recognise when good is good enough. No one is perfect so why not start with a clean slate, this maybe as simple and reversing or altering a daily routine and refusing things that don’t add value to your life or no longer align with you values.


Slowing our minds to let mental clutter flow over, around or leave us creates space for real fun and awakens us to the power of living in the moment. Mediation does not mean sitting in the lotus position and wondering if your knees will work again, mediation can be experienced through silent walking, listening to the trees, birds and the breeze or sitting in your comfort chair looking out into nature.


Visualise life beyond Covid19 starts with your vision of how you want to live. Need a little help? Start by creating a vision board, writing a journal using  pictures and words to describe how your home, office or life will look and feel once the virus, clutter and waste are removed, it’s a powerful tool to keep your head and heart above the Covid haze.

Be kind to yourself

Stop beating yourself up and be kind to yourself, we cannot move forward until we accept the current situation. If you home and life has been turned upside down, accept it why waste time worrying when you can start to create the change you want. With big decisions comes rewards, be kind and reward yourself with a walk to your favourite place (if you can) and watch the world go by.

Move your body

You cannot lose weight sitting on the lounge eating a packet of M&M’s watching an exercise program, likewise you cannot declutter your mind if you don’t move your body. The key is to start! Start with a little exercise, the last thing you want is to injure yourself when you have made up your mind to stay above the haze.

Good nutrition

Part of looking after yourself is good nutrition, what you put into your body is what you get out. Fueling our bodies with the right food drives us so grab and apple and off you go.

Drink water

Drinking pure water helps flush our bodies of toxins, remember to grab your reusable bottle and flush away those nasty toxins.

Quiet space

There is nothing like pockets of quiet spaces in our day, to clear your mind and allow you to focus on your task, day or just daydream. So why not take a quiet break and do nothing!


The importance of sleep is well documented for our health and well-being, my tip is declutter your bedroom and  create the bedroom your have always dreamed about.

Stay well

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