How to recycle mobile phone

I want to recycle my phone, how do I and keep my data safe?

Did you know you can recycle your mobile phone?

Mobile phone technology is changing so quickly, with new innovative ‘must have’ mobiles being released, it seems, just when you thought you had the latest ‘you beaut’ up to date model! 

It’s estimated there is currently over 23 million unused and unwanted mobile phones laying dormant in Australian homes.  That’s aprox. 2,200 tonnes of metal, minerals, plastic and glass that can and should be recycled.


The not-for-profit government accredited mobile phone recycling program who’s mission is simply to keep mobile phones out of landfill and therefore avoid future greenhouse gas emissions, save energy, protect the environment and conserve  scarce natural resources.

Not only does recycling mobile phones prevent potentially hazardous materials from entering the environment, but for every tonne of mobile phone materials recovered 10 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions are avoided.

So how does Mobile Muster recycle mobile phones?

  1.  Sorted and dismantled into their various components ie. Circuit boards, chargers, accessories, plastics, metals and packaging.

2.    Batteries are sorted into their chemical types and processed for other uses

3.    Circuits are stored then processed for precious metals

4.    Plastics are shredded and and used to produce composite materials used in domestic products

5.    Accessories and mixed plastics are are shredded for reuse to make shipping pallets and the metal sold on to manufacturers

6.    Packaging is separated into plastic and paper and sent to a local recycling company for processing

In partnership with Mobile Muster all major mobile phone retailers host collection units in-store.  Thus retailers offer an easy and convenient way for consumers to recycle their old mobile and accessories.

And finally, if you are worried about your old data and personal details stored on your old mobile phone, Mobile Muster  safely destroys it so you can feel confident so one can access your information in the future.  However they do encourage individuals to remove their data and SIM card prior to donation for added security.

How to remove data

Want to know how to safely remove data from your phone, simply click here 


Before you update for the latest phone ask yourself these questions

  • Do I need it?
  • Will the new phone carry out all the functions I want?
  • Does my current phone fulfill my needs?
  • Can I pass my old phone onto someone?

Recycling and diverting waste from landfill certainly fit with the Eco Organiser® philosophy, for more recycling ideas check out our External Resources page

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