When it comes to ethically decluttering and downsizing, antiques are often considered difficult to donate and sell, rather than see these classic pieces go to landfill it was time to call on our experts. Whether you are buying or selling antiques, it’s a good idea to ask the experts.

Following on from Sustainable Furniture for a Sustainable Lifestyle, we asked  Sally and Megan from Limewash Vintage for their top tips to sell antique furniture.

“One of the things we love most

are the friends we make through selling antiques.”

 For many people selling antiques is a personal thing, with pieces often having a certain sentimental value. Encouragingly, if you’re letting go of a much-loved piece of furniture, generally the people buying antique furniture are just as passionate about these gorgeous old pieces and will love it for many years to come. says Megan

Do Your Research

The value of antiques ranges considerably

  • Age
  • Current appeal
  • The timber it is crafted from
  • Level of craftsmanship
  • Condition
  • Whether the piece is unique or one of hundreds.

At Limewash Vintage we buy predominantly through auction houses and if you are selling, this can be a good way to sell. We would suggest viewing a few auctions either online or in person and importantly researching different auction houses in your state, as they can often vary in the style of antiques they sell.

Auction Houses will offer an appraisal for your piece, giving you an idea of what it could be worth and, in most cases, you can set a reserve. With most auction houses offering online auctions these days, the audience on auction day is far reaching both nationally and internationally and open to both trade and personal buyers. To find an auction house, search online Auction Houses Australia.

If selling through an auction house isn’t appealing, the simple buy, swap and sell groups or other online marketplaces can be a good place to sell if you have an idea of what your antique is worth.

7 Top Tips to Sell Antiques  

Whether you choose to sell antiques through an auction house or a local buy swap and sell group a few tips can never go astray to help sell your antiques.

  1. Do your research

As detailed above, it is important to do your research, finding where you fit in the market can save a lot of time and disappointment.

Ask yourself

  • Do I feel comfortably in the seller’s space?
  • Do I feel confident working with a dealer?
    It’s also important understand what your market is prepared to pay for your antiques.
  1. Be patient

If your style of antique in not “on trend” you may need to wait for the right buyer to come along, so it pays to be patient.

  1. Clean

Take time to clean and present your piece for sale, dirty does not paint a good picture or does your piece the justice it deserves.

  1. Post styled photographs

Invest time to style your pieces, there’s no need to over style, let the piece speak for itself. Include as many photo’s as allowed and have a few up your sleeves if requested.

  1. Be honest

Some antiques are perfect for their age, whilst others may have some idiosyncrasies like a drawer that doesn’t slide well or a crack in the timber. Be honest and point them out in your photos and description.

  1. Highlight Features and Benefits

Include a full description of its features, benefits and potential uses, it’s important to remember some people are not visual and may need assistance to visualise how the piece can be repurposed.

  1. Be clear on your terms

Be clear on your payment terms, consider how you want to be paid, will you hold and store until a pick up can be organised. You may wish to consider offering delivery and factor into your selling price, another tip is to offer a list of reliable transport operators. Lastly, if selling through a dealer it is important to read through their terms and conditions and ask what the commission rate is for selling your item.

Thanks once again to Sally and Megan from Limewash Vintage, for these great tips.

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Through these simple tips we can help divert beautiful furniture from landfill.

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