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Post Postponed- Retreat Re store get organised for the rest of your life

January 31 - February 2

Women's Retreat

In view of the fires devastating Australia we have decided to postpone Re treat Re store. Our thoughts and wishes go out to everyone that has been affected by these fires.

We are putting all our efforts into supporting charities that are working tirelessly support families, farmers, communities, habitat and wildlife lost in these fires.

We all have the opportunity and responsibility to turn back climate change, it will come with sacrifice and changes to our lifestyle but we think it is worth the effort.

Eco Organiser® is here to help you, please visit our website for tips to reduce your carbon footprint, why not start with

No. 1 Rethink consumption
No. 2 Responsibly dispose of unwanted items
No. 3 Refuse waste
No. 4 Repurpose before buying new items
No. 5 Reorganise your lifestyle for a sustainable future
No. 6 Repair before landfill
No. 7 Reduce waste
No. 8 Reusable over single use items
No. 9 Recycle at home
No. 10 Reward ourselves and our planet.
will call it The 10R’s

Thank you




Eco Organiser