Having a simple repair kit on hand saves time and money and when you have taught yourself how to fix something you feel like you can take on the world. In this era of designed obsolesce and throwaway mentality a simple repair kit can extend the life of stuff we would normally throw away.

The Perfect Divorce Gift

True story- A girlfriend’s marriage sadly broke down, rather than the champagne and tissues we put together a repair kit for her, the feedback was “this is brilliant” in fact many years later she still using it

12 things you must have in your repair kit

  1. Allan Key

Great to tighten, adjust and assemble flat pack items

  1. Adjustable Spanner

To tighten and adjust nuts and bolts, also a necessary item for celebrating International Repair Day ensuring the BBQ gas bottle is done up nice and tight.

  1. Jewelers Screw drivers

Necessary to tighten loose optical frames and when repairing your mobile phone. In the words of Obama YES YOU CAN! repair a mobile phone, check out  FixIt the free repair guide for everything, written by everyone.

  1. Assorted set of Phillips head and flat blade screw drivers

No more loose kitchen cupboard door knobs or saucepan handles when you have the right screw driver.

  1. Superglue or equivalent

Repair the mug with the broken handle, just don’t stick your fingers together

  1. Lubricate/Oil

Fix that squeaking door that’s been driving you mad.

  1. Hammer

Choose a hammer that is not too heavy for you to use, chances are you won’t be doing the big DIY or The Block, a light weight hammer could be all you need.

  1. Spirit Level

Nothing worse than going to the trouble of having your holiday snaps printed and framed, only to see them hanging on the wall hanging as straight as a dog’s hind leg, or shelves in your flat pack with a distinctive slope to it.

  1. Assorted Screws and Nails

No explanation required here!

  1. Pliers

Pitch things together or hold onto those tricky little things

  1. Tape Measure

As they say always measure twice before you cut and if you are buying new furniture or storage, measure and make sure it fits in the car, door and room.

  1. Tool Box

You will need to store your tools somewhere, do not leave them spread across the kitchen bench, contain them in a labelled easy to use container.

And for those bigger jobs why not join your local Tool Library.

Victoria https://www.brunswicktoollibrary.org/php/index.php

Brisbane https://brisbanetoollibrary.org/

Blue Mountains https://www.facebook.com/tooloBlueMountains

Inner West Sydney http://innerwesttoollibrary.com.au/

Toronto Canada http://www.wehatetowaste.com/toronto-tool-library-share/

Germany http://leila-berlin.de/

United Kingdom https://www.libraryofthings.co.uk/

International Map of Tool Libraries http://localtools.org/find/

Not sure where to start and U Tube DIY is not doing it for you, find a Repair Café near you and learn how to repair and stop throwing away perfectly (well almost) good stuff.

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