Clutter robs us of time, space and energy, so why not turn our clutter into opportunities and help stop poverty. The association between Eco Organiser® and ReStore Habitat for Humanity goes back some eight years, after such a long association it was time to catch up with the Russell Croxford, ReStore Manager of Habitat for Humanity Victoria.

I started by asking what drives his team to do what they do and the benefits to society and our planet?

ReStore is a social enterprise that exists to raise funds to provide safe, decent and affordable homes for disadvantaged Victorian families who have been struggling with constant and debilitating housing stress.

ReStore is a vital part of the work of Habitat for Humanity Victoria, a humanitarian, not for profit organisation (30 years old this year) which aims to help break the poverty cycle by providing hurting families with a ‘hand up – not a hand out’.

We have now built 60 homes in Victoria for needy families and in each case have witnessed first-hand the amazing transformation and empowerment in their lives through our assisted home ownership program.

To raise funds for this work, ReStore sells new and used donated goods in our two stores and online. There are ‘4 winners’ who benefit:

  1. The donor who can declutter
  2. The shopper who gets a bargain
  3. The environment which has less landfill
  4. The families who benefit with a place to live

What are your top 5 tips to reduce waste in your organisation?

Volunteers ReStore volunteers
  1. Shop second hand! Giving a new home to previously loved items while saving $!!
  2. Donate, don’t dump! Downsizing or decluttering?….best to come to us!
  3. Build from recycled material! More interesting. More character. More satisfying. Cheaper!
  4. Restore old things! Old things have potential! And it’s fun and rewarding!
  5. Reducing waste can also make a positive social impact!

Responsible Disposal

Turning clutter into opportunities starts by donating the quality items to the right people

“We are looking for items that still have lots of life and potential left in them.

We naturally avoid things that are too damaged or worn out.  It’s best if people call us first to arrange a donation. We ask people send through photos with any relevant information about their donated goods.  It’s great if they can then bring items to us, but we can arrange a pick up if necessary.”

Are there any limitations on what you can accept?

“We can’t accept cots, child restraints, high chairs, used mattresses or pillows. We try to avoid very large or very heavy items due to the logistics of transporting and storing them. Sometimes we need to regretfully decline donations if we have run out of space.”

How can people find you and what can they expect from your services?

We have two ReStores, both fascinating places to explore and find a treasure:

Kilsyth South – 2/128 Canterbury Rd. 8720 9200.

All kinds of second hand items but featuring furniture, hardware and building materials

Rosebud – 17 Henry Wilson Dve Rosebud West 5982 2676

A huge op shop with a massive range of clothing and bric a brac.

In both stores you will meet a team of friendly, helpful volunteers willing to assist.”

Thank you to Russell and the team at ReStore for your amazing work you do to help stop the poverty cycle


Name                       Russell Croxford – ReStore Manager – Habitat for Humanity Victoria

Phone                      03 8720 9200

Address                  2/128 Canterbury Road Kilsyth South VIC 3137


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