With so much competition in the real estate market the right home styling helps create the wow factor. Our homes are sometimes our biggest investment. When it comes time to sell, our homes really needs to stand out and work hard against the competition.

We’ll show you how easy it is to create the WOW factor and present your home for sale.

First impressions do count, so let’s bring out the stylist in you.

Step 1. Declutter

Now is a very good time to de clutter your home, there is no point packing and moving things that are no longer relevant to you. Keep aside any interesting “props” for styling such as vases and mirrors. By repurposing you utilise what you have, but will save money and create space.

Step 2. Create Interest

If the room does not have a feature, think about choosing an eye catching accessory, otherwise draw interest to the feature through furniture and accessory placement.

Step 3. Furniture Placement

Create space so you can easily walk through the room, nothing worse than seeing a sofa pushed up against a window that is robbing the room of light or oversized furniture that clutters the room.

Step 4. Create a Mood

If you are heading into the cooler months it’s time to bring out the warmer colours such as reds, browns and dark blues and cosy textures such as wool. Likewise if you are styling for the warmer season add cool  colours, such as crisp whites, light blue, light greens and yellows, with textures such as linen.

Adapt the flowers to the season, better still if you have anything flowering in the garden, bring them inside, this will add an immediate connection between inside and out.

Good luck and don’t forget to bring out the stylists in you.

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