Get Organised

Top 10 tips to get organised for your best year YET!

“I swear this is the year I am going to get organised” How many times do we start each year with a dream to do it all differently?

  • Improve relationships
  • Spend more time with our partners and children
  • Find that illusive worklife balance
  • Get fit, lose weight and get organised…what a list!

Last time I checked you cannot buy fitness from the store, and you cannot lose weight sitting on the sofa watching a fitness program. The same can be said for organising and decluttering. Whether this is in the home, office, social calendar, change starts with you, it takes some input from YOU!

No one is going to step in and say “Hey let me take that weight off your body” unless it is via surgery!! Likewise creating time and space in your life starts when YOU decide to make the change.

What do you want for 2018?

At Eco Organiser® we have put together our Top 10 tips to help you kick start 2018 to bring your life’s vision to reality.

Ask yourself

  1. What area of my life do I want to transform?
  2. Why do I want to declutter and organise?
  3. What will my organised life look and feel like?
  4. What will I do with my new decluttered life?
  5. What was my WAM!! moment that made my decide it’s TIME to CHANGE?
  6. How will decluttering change my life?
  7. What waste can I reduce from my home/office/work/study/life?
  8. How will I know when I have reached my goal?
  9. When will I start?
  10. When will I finish?

BONUS!!! How will I reward myself once I have achieved my goal?

By answering these 10 simple questions, you will be on the way to LIVING your life’s vision for 2018.

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Happy New Year from everyone at Eco Organiser® we wish you a cracking 2018

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