When Black Rock, the world’s largest fund manager, announced in January 2020 they were going green, that it would put sustainability at the heart of its investment decisions, it was a sign that big business where starting to understand the science behind climate change.

The Black Rock boss, Larry Fink, declared

 “the climate emergency is altering how investors view the long-term prospects of companies.”

And acknowledged that financial markets have been slower to reflect the threat to economic growth and prosperity posed by the climate crisis. Source: Guardian

Why build a Green Team

Apart from heeding the advice of the world’s largest fund manager, a green team validates you as a thought leader in your field, sets you apart from your competition and helps create a positive work environment

In supporting and nurturing the early adapters, the recycling geeks/police in your business, they are less likely feel alone and allows space for the others to step up and fit in as green changes take place in the workplace.

A Green team helps

  • Educate and normalise recycling
  • Clearly explain what can and can’t be recycled
  • Evaluate current bin system and ask – Is it clear and easy to understand?
  • Rethinks- What else can be recycled?
  • Establish recycling stations, with all bins together

Changing Attitudes

It’s important to identify the attitude towards waste, we often hear

  • I really don’t care about waste
  • It’s someone else’s job
  • I don’t have time
  • I want to do the right thing, but I don’t know where to start
  • I feel overwhelmed by recycling

There’s strength in numbers and within a team recycle geeks, wish-cyclers and the confused start to feel a part of something and contribute to the ground swell to rethink waste and recycle right.

What else can your Green Team do?

“Waste is only waste when we throw it away” The Eco Organiser

We have been conditioned to throw stuff away without much consideration to where it goes and what happens to it. By removing recycling bins from under desks we not only free up space, we now make a conscious decision to take it to the recycling station rather than not dump it under the desk for someone else to take ownership of the recyclables.

  • Establish recycling stations, with all bins together and remove recycling bins from under desk.
  • Label a waste bin as landfill, call it out, no wish-cycling here, it clearing defines where it is going.

Waste Audit

  • Don the gloves it’s time to sort the waste.
  • Do a visual audit of the workplace to identify your waste clusters
  • Identify single use products and work towards phasing them out- disposable coffee cups, coffee pods

Follow The 10R’s

Update Signage

I am never surprised by the confusion around waste. The average person does not know their LDPE from the HDPE, compostable from bio degradable to home compostable let alone which bin to place in it.  Ensure the signage in your workplace is simple and easy to understand, in other words be specific.


Make your own recycle bins

Not everything can be recycled through our local council or waste company, so why not encourage your Green Team to think outside the box and create your own recycling bins, there is so much we can recycle.

  • Pens and e waste at Officeworks
  • Batteries at Aldi and some Foodworks stores
  • Coffee pods with Terracycle
  • Uniforms with your local textile recycling company

Take Action

  • Start a compost bin such as Bokashi to feed the office plants or garden.
  • Organise clothes drive and donate quality work attire to a local charity supporting people looking for work
  • Switch to reusable. Ever considered how many disposable cups your company is purchasing each year? Work out the upfront cost to switch to reusable- include purchasing dishwasher etc and work out the break-even point- this is ideal for company canteens.
  • Collaborate with your clients to reduce waste and recycle right.
  • Sign up to -Business Clean Up Day, Buy Nothing New Month, Right to Repair Movement

  • Reward your team for a job well done!

For more tips to recycle right visit the Eco Organiser Useful Links page, with over 100 ways to responsibly dispose of items you are sure to find what you need and want.

Australian waste coach, motivational speaker, Tanya Lewis aka The Eco Organiser® founder of The 10R’s© and author educates people on how to reduce was and live well with less. From the Australian bush to the Sydney Opera House, Mumbai and universities such as Melbourne, Queensland & Strathclyde (UK) Tanya has helped over 8000 people ethically declutter and reduce waste.

Eco Organiser® communicates a simple message in simple language, by keeping it real and delivered in a non-judgemental you avoid the glazed over look, of “not another recycling message” Tanya love’s being invited into communities, corporations, universities and businesses to share her passion and simple actions to reduce waste and move towards a sustainable lifestyle.

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