Organise your home office

How to clean up your business without costing the Earth

We are all told to work smarter not harder, but with a cluttered office it makes it harder to find things, losing valuable time to fulfill our expectations and its costs us money. The 24th February 2015 marks Business Clean up Day.

How is your office?

Do you still feel inspired to walk in each day and dive into work? Or do you wonder in shuffle a few papers, and then find something else to do?

Here are five simple tips to help you clean up your business and create a space that inspires you

          1.       De clutter

Remove anything from your office that is no longer relevant and stops you from achieving your goals.

          2.       Refuse clutter

Maintain a clutter free office with three simple words “no thank you”

Refuse to sign up to every newsletter, and  the free  giveaways and handouts.

          3.       Recycle

Did you know there are 16 000 000 mobile phone cluttering our cupboards in Australia?

Recycling could not be easier for you, check out

Storage King  for computer equipment

            Mobile Muster for mobile phones

EcoActiv for batteries, light globes and fluorescent tubes

Recycling Near You for printer cartridges

           4.       File it

Set aside time and file away any lose ends.

5. Reorganise

Who said offices had to be dull and boring; we all spend so much time at work so why not create an inspirational space?

The team from The Coast magazine had just moved into their new space and really wanted to put their own stamp and personality on it, plus make it a functioning office.

“We loved Eco Organiser’s philosophy of not spending a fortune to make our space functional and beautiful. Bringing personal objects into the space to make it our own. We love to hold meetings outside  “coastal style”, so the introduction of colourful deck chairs,  which are easily stored away when not in use, not taking up valuable space, made this possible. We repurposed objects and furniture that we already have, zoned our space and activities through creative screens & added privacy.

One of our requests was a central communication point; this was overcome through a central message board simply by painting the kitchen door with blackboard paint.” –

Sally, The Coast

Eco Organiser

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