In only 4 simple steps you can de-clutter your car and reduce your carbon footprint. As we load up the car for our post Christmas road trip it’s time to rethink, does your  clutter not need a holiday?

In our western society most people aspire to own and drive a car, the freedom of the open road, adventure, holidays, excitement…it sounds great. For most the reality is this comes only a few times a year. Or is your car the rolling command center, everything is organised, sorted and carried out from the car. Picking up and dropping off kids to school, elderly parents to appointments and running your business for your car.

These are all common scenarios in our everyday life. Along the way we add things or STUFF to our cars for that “just in case” moment, things slip down under the seat, gets lost, so we add more to the car. Sound familiar? Using our cars as a mobile storage unit not only adds more weight to the car, making the car work harder, using more fuel, it also can make it downright dangerous.

A heavily loaded car has to work harder, increasing fuel consumption, add to the wear and tear of our vehicles, having to replace tyres more frequently, increases the load on suspension, plus makes it more difficult to stop in an emergency, the list goes one.

In a few simple step not only will you de-clutter your car you will save money and help our environment.

Items such as roof racks, tow bars all add weight, plus add to the wind resistance, making our cars work harder and using more fuel. Ask yourself: If I don’t use them, why do I carry them around?

When planning your road tip

  1. Remove unnecessary items from the car to lighten the load
  2. Unsecured items can be very dangerous in a traffic incident, imagine a tool box flying from the back seat towards the headrest and windscreen…too scary to think about!
  3. Correctly inflated and aligned tyres extend the life of the tyres
  4. Pack only the things you really need before adding a trailer or roof rack.

It only takes a few minutes to declutter our cars, yet the benefits are huge, plus they will save you

  • Money
  • Time
  • Help reduce our carbon footprint.

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