Freezing is a great way to reduce food waste

  • Freeze left overs or cook a little extra for those times when you just don’t feel like cooking
  • Buy that little extra when your favourites are on special

Spoiler Alert: Freezing does not mean set and forget, if left for too long food starts to lose it’s nutritional value. It’s good practice to eat your freezer within 2-3 months, but if you have teenagers, this should not cause any concerns.

When it comes to managing your freezer there are few things simple to consider.

Label Your Food

After a while one frozen blob looks like any other frozen blog, by labeling meals with a name  and used by date, helps keep your brown blobs sorted. Nothing worse than defrosting what you thought was chicken to find out it’s frozen fruit. Makes for an interesting dinner!!

I am often asked “what labels should I buy?” My tip is work with what you have, don’t buy anything until you check or declutter your cupboards. I found a roll of masking tape in the cupboard, I tried it and it works just fine.

Rotate Your Food

Chucking things on top of each other is not the best system, you end up with old food at the bottom resembling something that looks like it’s out of the ice age.

The tip is rotate the contents, sure you will get cold fingers, but it’s better to eat well.

  • Place recent purchases at the bottom and move older stock up.
  • Create a list of everything in your freezer
  • Name Date and Used by Date
  • Each time you remove something, cross it off the list.
  • Each time you add something, add it to the list.
  • Place your list in a location you can easily see.

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