Let’s eat your fridge, not literally, although you’ll learn how to eat everything in your fridge to save time, money and reduce food waste.

Did you know, the best place to store the Tim Tams is not the fridge but the dish washer- kids never go there.

Let’s start by checking your fridge is working for you

  • Check the seal is free from any build up food crumbs, clumps of food will comprise the seal and efficiency of your fridge, increasing running costs and reduce the shelf life of your food. If the seal is perished you may want research the cost of replacing the seal, repairing the fridge maybe a lot cheaper than buy a new one.
  • Don’t be afraid to adjust the shelves to suit your bottles, jars etc. The aim is to utilise the space efficiently, why buy a bigger fridge when you can adjust the shelves to work for you!!
  • Did you know the door shelves can also be moved up and down to fit your jars, bottles etc, and are easily removed for cleaning?

How to Store 

Store like with like, veg together, meat in the one place, cheese etc, creating a “place” makes it easier to find what you want, when you want it. How often do you find a dried-out block cheese that the back of the fridge that’s cost you $10, and now it resembles a brick!


Store in the coldest place in the fridge


Store loose in crisper drawers or sealed containers, bags or sustainable bees wax wraps


This may seem obvious but store meat in the meat tray if you have one, and leave in the packaging until required.


These are things you use all the time; ensure you have easy access– Vino, milk, chocolate


Again this may seem obviously by the cheese compartment, sound like the right place to store it

Left over’s

Store cooked food in the fridge as soon as it cools down. Ceramics are great, they can go from fridge to microwave/oven and                            table

Before Plastics

Before plastics were invented food was successfully stored in glass, ceramic and cloth. There’s nothing wrong with making and storing salad dressings in a recycled glass jar, wee have had great success in storing vegetables in the crisper in calico cloth bags.

Fresh Herbs

Are something that wilt very quickly if not used promptly. You can try all that Instagram fridge porn, placing fresh herbs in a vase of water & in the fridge, chances are it will get knocked over as the teenagers hoover the fridge for food. Seriously save your precious time. Forget wrapping herbs in paper kitchen towel, start by decluttering your linen cupboard for linen napkins, they are great for storing leafy herbs such as parsley and basil. Slightly dampen the napkin and I mean slightly. Place the cloth at the base of a well sealing container (check your plastics cupboard or drawer) place herbs in a container or plastic bag and refrigerate in the crisper. This will last for weeks.

Eat your fridge

The fridge is in order, now it’s time to eat your fridge, not literally but eat the food you have before buying more.

They key

  • Don’t push old food to the back, bring it forward and use it
  • Separate fresh produce, from previous purchases and eat the older produce first, if you have teenagers, you won’t have this problem.

According to OzHarvest Australians throw out $3800 worth of edible food a year, what would you do if you found $3800 sitting on the kitchen bench?

By reducing food waste, we reduce the amount of methane emitted into the atmosphere.

It’s a win win!!

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