Let’s eat your pantry….not literally, although you’ll learn how

  • Save time
  • Money
  • And reduce food waste.

Have you ever bought something only to discover you already had 1,2, 3 or more cluttering your cupboard?

It was during my first declutter job, my client was shocked when we found 36 jars of red jam in the pantry. She said “Tanya, I didn’t know I had it, so I bought more”  

If this sounds familiar, you are suffering from “the clutter spiral” and the pantry is a common place for this to occur, so it’s the perfect time  time to sort, store and eat your pantry

If it’s not too overwhelming remove everything from your pantry, but if it too much and you feel the need to run away and hide, organise one shelf at a time.

Place the contents on cleared flat surface such as bench or table, organise like with like. You’ll start to see what you eat and what you don’t eat, what do I mean by what you don’t eat.

That’s the food you brought and

  • Soon realised it tasted horrible or no one would eat
  • Discovered it was too time consuming to cook
  • Soon ended being shoved to the back of the pantry

Now is the time to let it go, DO NOT put them back in the pantry!!! But HOLD ON I want to you look at them- do you see a pattern occurring? Did they come into your home under slogan buy one get one free, half price, bonus pack?

Now ask yourself:

  • Will I buy these again?
  • How much time and money did I spend on these?

Time is precious, why waste it.


Look for duplicates, it’s common to find multiple packets opened: sugar, flour, coconut etc.

Check for freshness & consider combining the opened packet of sugar etc into one container  to save space or place like for like and according to their used by date and use it and be honest with yourself, if you aren’t going to use it, let it go!!!


Staples are the foods we use all the time, they are your go to

  • when you are in a hurry and need to wipe up a meal
  • or bulk up a meal when a hoard of teenagers fly in to hoover up FOOD!!

By placing like with like you can now see what you have and what you need to buy. Seriously no one needs 36 jars of red jam!


The discovery of 36 jars of jam, came about by using what I call the scatter gun approach, things stored wherever you could find a spot.

Have you ever heard  “a place for everything and everything in it’s place” by returning food to their “place”, stops the clutter spiral.

The key to a functioning pantry is being able to find what you want when you want it.WHO how has time to waste, NOT ME and either to you.

  • Things you use several times a day go in position 1, basically that’s front and center, for me, its leaf tea
  • In position 2 – things like olive oil, spices, cans of tomatoes and onions.
  • Position 3- rice, pasta, grains etc
  • Position 4- baking supplies unless you are an avid baker.

Remember its your call


At Eco Organiser® we are passionate about utilising what we have, not rushing out and buying more STUFF. Before buying anything new, check out your cupboards, you’ll most likely have storage which is fit for purpose and ready to repurpose and reuse clutter.

I store my onions in the glass bowl, it was given to my grandparents as an engagement present. Their marriage lasted 72 years and each time I grab an onion, I think of the love they had for each other until the day they died. What a better way to prepare a meal, than with love in the mix.

Glass jars are great for storing food, although I would not get hung up on pantry porn, yes, another social media craze. Seriously who has time to be styling the pantry, doing photo shoots and posting them on your social media accounts!!!

When it comes to choosing the right storage, container, the key is simplicity. If it’s too heavy, difficult to open, you won’t use it, and it will soon become clutter. Sure, it may look good online, but no so good cluttering your cupboard, not to mention wasting your hard-earned dollars.

Check out Seven top tips to choosing the right container

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