How often do we think about the environmental impact our shoes and handbags have on the planet? Shoes and handbags are often taken for granted yet for some people owning a pair is something they dream about. Worn to protect our feet, find out how to store your shoes and handbags to protect our planet

A pilot project CO2Shoes revealed that the phase which most contributes to the shoe’s carbon footprint is the manufacture of footwear components with a share of 58%, followed by packaging manufacture with 16%, assembling and finishing with 11%, end of life with 9%, and finally, the distribution of footwear to consumers with 6%.

The results also showed significant differences in the carbon footprint values of the shoes models (sandals, safety, etc.), ranging from 1.3 to 25.3 kg of C02 equivalents, with an average of 10 kg C02 equivalents per pair of shoes, including its packaging. Source CO2Shoes

How to store shoes and handbags and tread lightly

  1. Avoid storing  in plastic

Some plastics trap moisture or slows down the transmission rates from inside to outside. When materials such as leather are left in moist conditions, they have the potential to grow mildew and mold. When it comes to storing choose natural breathable materials such as  worn linen or cotton pillow slips, they are breathable and we often have odd ones cluttering the back of our cupboards.

  1. Clean before storing

Storing dirty shoes and handbags can increases chances of staining shoes and handbags, store clean and dry and they are ready to go when you want them.

  1. Repurpose worn tea towels to help retain shape

Worn tea towels are generally made from pure linen a natural fibre, when they wear thin they become very soft, being natural, breathable and worn out they perfect to repurpose and stuff handbags to help retain their shape.

  1. Cut up old tea towels and do the same with your shoes

Waste not want not, worn tea towels can be cut down and stuffed into shoes to help keep their shape, there are products you can buy, but why when you have things in your home to do the job.

5 .Label shoes boxes

Refusing the clear plastic shoe boxes certainly helps to reduce your carbon footprint. Taking photos and sticking the photo on the outside of the box takes time, energy, paper and ink. At Eco Organiser® we encourage clients to write a brief description onto the boxes, making it quick and easy to find

  1. Create a “home” for your shoes and hand bags.

“A place for everything and everything in its place” Get into the habit of returning shoes and handbags to their home when not in use, making it easy to find them when you need them.

Looking for ways to donate your unwanted shoes and handbags check out our  Recycling and Responsible Disposal   directory.

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