Declutter and find love

How to organise and declutter your wardrobe- Save time and money

An organised wardrobe will save you $1000’s and save time and energy, in fact we saved one client $2500, just be organising and decluttering her wardrobe.

Have you invested $1000’s in your wardrobe, but you still struggle to find anything to wear?

How many hours do you spend staring into the wardrobe and the only thing jumping out at you is STUFF! Nothing is organised or co-ordinated, its just one big mess.

We only wear 20% of our clothes so what is the other 80% doing!!

The other 80% is taking up valuable space, plus wasting your precious time looking for something to wear. There is one way to create space, time, save money and help protect our environment,  its called shop your wardrobe.

What is Shop Your Wardrobe?

  • It’s all about finding long lost clothes you forgot your had.
  • It is about finding the treasures and ditching the “downer” clothes.
  • It’s about sorting and organising and simplify your life
  • It’s about restyling and repairing treasures
  • It’s about enjoying a few laughs, reliving the memories ” I remember when I wore this…”
  • It’s about feel fantastic in your clothes.

Sort and create space

  • Place all out of season clothes in one pile and sort into “Go” and “Stay”.
  • Responsibly dispose of any clothes you no longer want, need or make you feel yuk.
  • Take up the “Stay” clothes, ensure these clothes are clean and in good repair before storing them, in an out of the way place. They are not to be stored in a prime positions.
  • Don’t overwhelmed yourself, remove and sort one shelf, drawer or rail at a time.
  • Sort into ” Stay”  ” Go”  and “I’m not sure”
  • Responsibly dispose of “Go” clothes
  • Sort ” Stay” into piles of work, sport and going out clothes.
  • Divide your wardrobe into zones for work, sport and going out clothes
  • Return  work clothes to their allocated zone, then return remaining piles to their new zone.

Have some fun and shop your wardrobe

  • Take the “I’m not sure” pile and ask yourself
  • LOVE this because………….
  • When I wear this I feel…………….
  • Can I restyle it ?
  • Changing the button, removing shoulder pads, alter the neckline or hemline.
  • Can I co-ordinate with different scarves, belts and shoes

Our clients have saved between $300- $2500, by shopping their wardrobe. We reintroduce them to clothes they forgot they had and where about to go and buy more.

Did you know

  • 47% of chemicals used in cotton farming are classed as either Possible, Likely, Probable or Known human carcinogens.
  • It takes 30-40 years for nylon fabric to biodegrade

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