Do you want to reduce waste, boast productivity, save money and do good for planet earth? Let The Eco Organiser help you reduce with waste and live well.

In this interview with Janet McNeill from Mc Neill Real Estate, leading real estate agent on the Mornington Peninsula, Janet catches up Tanya aka The Eco Organiser® and author of STUFF OFF! & Ethically Declutter Your Home in 30 Days to talk about how to reduce waste and why it is not only good for the planet, it saves time and money.

“Waste free living for many people means reducing annual household waste/rubbish/landfill/trash to fit within a glass jar. It’s admirable and one which Eco Organiser® works towards, but have you ever considered the time wasted not living your true life, constantly looking at or for stuff- social media, trawling websites to buy stuff or time spent running late from one appointment to the other, working ever hour you can to earn money to buy stuff to fulfill your version of a good life?”

Can your business afford spatial clutter/waste?

With office and warehouse space leased and/or sold by the square meter, paying for space stuffed with clutter, which cannot be used or accessed for its intended purpose, does not make for financial sense. Clutter reflects an image of disorganisation, hinders traffic flow and imprints a negative message on the people working within this space and visitors to this space.

Offices, warehouse space, storage facilities, lunchrooms, boardrooms, meeting rooms, thoroughfares, even vehicles are prone to clutter clusters. Ethical decluttering creates a sense of confidence and self-efficacy… Psychology Today. Can your business afford clutter and waste?

Wasted time

We think of clutter as physical items, yet filling our time with stuff that is no longer relevant could be the difference between boom and bust. Refusing time wasters and investing time to reorganise routines and schedules is not a waste time; clearing space not only improves creativity, it reduces stress, enhance productivity and saves money.

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From the Australian bush to the Sydney Opera House and universities such as Melbourne, Queensland & Strathclyde (UK) Tanya has helped over 8000 people ethically declutter and reduce waste. Eco Organiser® communicates a simple message in simple language, by keeping it real and delivered in a non-judgemental you avoid the glazed over look, of “not another recycling message”

Tanya love’s being invited into communities, corporations, universities and businesses to share her passion and simple actions to save time and reduce waste.

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