We choose our fashion to make an impression, feel good and confident, so we can step out into the world and make a difference, but what impact do our fashion have on the planet? A well organised wardrobe can make the world of difference.

Did you know those new leather shoes, jeans and t shirt you have had your eye on have used 24 200 litres (6393 gallons) of precious water. +That more water than some people have to survive on each year.

Caring for our clothes by storing them correctly helps to extend the life of the clothes, thus saving water and drawing less energy and resources from our planet. Storing them in an organised fashion helps reduce over consumption, why buy more if we already have what we need and want in our wardrobes?

Step 1. Sort clothes into categories

Sort the clothes you deem important into categories, here’s just an example, ensure you include categories that best reflect your lifestyle.


  • Work/Study
  • Evening
  • Sport
  • Leisure

Once sorted into categories that suit your lifestyle, the next step is all about storing them in a convenient manner, if it’s not convenient and easy we end up back where we started.

Step 2. Hanging storage

Select the correct coat hanger, look for coat hangers that support the garment, don’t think you can hang a heavy winter jacket on a wire coat hanger without it bending out of shape, or expect your silky numbers to remain snag free if hang on a rough and rusting old coat hanger. Invest in quality coat hangers and you will be rewarded many times over.

To save space, look for multipurpose hangers, that will carry 2-3 pairs of pants, jeans, slacks etc. A further space saving tip is look for slim line hangers as they simply take up less space, then store empty coat hangers together in an easy to reach location, they don’t deserve hanging space until they are need.

Hang each category of work/school, leisure, sport and evening from dark to light or light to dark, whichever you prefer. Grouped together you can see what you have and also makes it easier to mix and match to really stretch your wardrobe.

Step 3. Drawer Storage

There are no Marie Kondo tips here, I am sure we have better things to do with our time. In short store like with like- undies together, socks together, sportswear together etc. Before rushing out and buying drawer dividers, shoe boxes work well. Remember the most eco friendly way is to shop your cupboards before you hit the shops or shop on line.

Rolling things such as t shirts rather than stacking does save space, so you may wish to give that  a try.

Step 4. Location, location

With the hanging space sorted it’s time to think about other things we have in our wardrobe and were they should be placed.

1st. Anything that you need every day should be close at hand, we place it in 1st position

2nd position for clothes you wear several times a week

3rd position for clothes you wear once and month

4th position for out of season or infrequently worn clothes

This is a guide; you may wish to change 2nd and 3rd positions to suit.

The key to maintaining an organised wardrobe…..put things away when you have finished with them!

For more tips on how to organise your wardrobe check out our ebook Wardrobe Declutter Bootcamp

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+Source: Water Footprint Calculator