What is the clutter spiral you ask?

“I couldn’t find it so I bought another”     “I forgot I had it, so I bought another”

Learn how to stop the clutter spiral

We ethically de-clutter we are one step closer to simplifying life, but how do we stop spiraling down and consuming more clutter?

We are referring to stuff that slips in unnoticed, it comes in out of habit, routine, automated or it’s our inability to say no thank you to things that don’t add value to our lives. How we consumer – shop on impulse, entertainment, social outlet or to fulfill a need, also feeds your clutter spiral.

The common pathway to the clutter spiral

  • Use it
  • Store it
  • Lose it

To complete the spiral, we go and buy another, adding more clutter to our homes and increasing our carbon footprint.

Rethink and STOP that vicious spiral!

To stop clutter entering our homes and lives it’s important to identity your clutter and refuse it access to your life. Before you bring anything into your home or life, ask yourself

  • Do I need it?
  • Do I want it?
  • Do I love it?
  • Do I have similar already?

By answering these questions, you create space between the impulse to buy and your rational thoughts, questioning the relevance; will it add value or clutter your life?

Responsible Choices

With only weeks to Christmas choosing the right gift can be a challenge, here’s a few tips to help you make a responsible choice. Ask yourself- Is the gift suitable, is it made from recycled materials, can it be recycled, is it repairable and is it age appropriate. As a professional eco organiser we de-clutter cupboards filled with gifts that did not suit the person’s needs or age appropriate.


Function plays an important role, if a gift is not simple and easy use or follow, chances are it is left in the box, stored in a cupboard, leaving the receiver feeling stressed, embarrassed and worried.

Is the gift relevant?

Our tastes, interests and capabilities change. When choosing a gift, it is best to check if your gift idea is still relevant to the person it is intended. A Meat Lovers cook book may not go down well if your friend has become a vegan!

Do you they have similar?

This may require a little detective work, find out if they have similar nothing worse than finding out they have one, two or three of the same cluttering their cupboards. Avoid duplicates by checking with friends and family, nothing worse than everyone turning up with the same gift

Do they want or need it?

Ask friends and family what they would like for Christmas rather than second guessing. For the friend that has everything maybe its time to rethink the Christmas gift (physical stuff) and give a Christmas experience.

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