Not a big fan of multi-tasking? Either am I but writing a combined meal plan and shopping list is a great way to save time, money and one thin you can do while enjoying a cup of tea, coffee or a little vino. With the pantry, fridge and freezer, sorted and organised in our previous blogs, now it’s time to completely reduce food waste from your life by learning how to write a combined shopping list and meal plan.

Divide your page of scrap paper, back of an envelope, anything that works for you and divide into sections for example:



Fill out what you need to buy for the week, include food for breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner.

Notes is sometime a handy reminder for things like: drop of library books etc

 How to write a meal plan

Creating a meal plan is something the whole household can do together, pool your favourite recipes and work within a budget and your busy schedule. What I love about a meal plan, is I don’t need to think about what we are going to eat for dinner. No more frustration around the ever-nagging question  “what will we eat for dinner” or “will someone just tell me what to cook?”

Don’t get me wrong I love to grow my our food and cook, but it gets frustrating deciding what to cook each night. Rather than stewing over it (pardon the pun) meal planning saves time, money and you get to eat your pantry.

Here’s an example




To save time, include recipe book title and page number.

So, grab your reusable bags, refillable containers, cooler bag if you needed with your shopping list and head for the shops.

The key to saving money and reducing food waste is…..don’t be tempted by the buy one get one free, specials, bargains, seriously how can it be a bargain if you DON’T NEED IT?

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