It’s not my clutter, how do I deal with it?

Green coffee cup. Isolated on white background

This is one of the most asked questions at our workshops. I always start my answer by saying “Professional organisers are not councilors, but a cup of tea is a great place to start”

I believe so many problems can be solved over a cup of tea. My number one tip to help you deal with someone else’s clutter, is put the kettle on and sit down for a tea date or a chat.

Whether it is in the home or in the office, opening channels of communication is a great place to start. No matter who it is your spouse, kids, roommate, co-worker, or employer here are some questions that may help

What does your clutter cost you?

You may hear things like

  • I am always running late for work and it stresses me out
  • I am often forced to pay late payment fees
  • I would like to entertain anymore

How would you like to live/work in this space?

You may hear

  • I want to be able to quickly find what I need, rather than wasting time looking for stuff
  • I want a simple filing system so I can find my bills and pay on time
  • I want to have friends over and hang out again

Where do you think is a good place for us to start?

What things  can you live without?

What things would you like to see stay?

What will be your reward once you have achieved your goal?

So grab the kettle and sort the clutter over a cup of tea.