What brings people to this point of overload varies for everyone, in this blog let’s explore why we accumulate stuff  and the benefits for letting go of stuff. 

Borrowing from the The 10R’s© Rethink- it’s time to ask yourself a few questions

  • Does my stuff fulfilling my dream or vision for my life?
  • Want would life look like with our all this stuff?

Clutter permeates all areas of our lives, not just physical clutter but also mental clutter that stops us from living the life we want.

Why do we accumulate stuff?

It is a big question with many tentacles reaching into many areas of compulsive shopping, hoarding disorder, grief and again this varies for each of us and there are many experts that can answer this question better than I. From my observations and 10+ years as a Eco Organiser®  we tend identify ourselves through our stuff, for some it’s their security blanket, to make them feel safe.

Fashion also dictates a lot of our decisions, over the years we’ve been we conditioned that “we must have it” otherwise our life is not complete and we expect it to deliver a better life, better body or a better home. Consider this, if you join the gym I will you get fit? I you buy a storage container will able to organise your stuff? We all know that just by joining the gym we won’t instantly become fit, it just means we have become a financial contributor to the gym. We really have to put in the hard work, and the same goes when ethically decluttering your home or life.

What are the benefits of letting go of stuff?

As a Eco Organiser® we see a mental shift in our clients  when they start to think  I really don’t need all this stuff to live the life I want .  It’s a wonderful moment and with it comes there’s an absolute sense of freedom, finally unshackled from stuff that controlled your life. 

Unshackling yourself from stuff reduces stressed levels, improves clarity, direction and increases productivity and less housework! Sounding good so far? This means means more time to do the fun stuff, at Eco Organiser® we believe life’s too short to be looking for stuff. 

Save Money

Bills are paid on time, no more late payment fees, because your bills are no longer lost in paper clutter. With bills your paid on time, you are able to budget and save and only spend money on what you truly need.

Save our Environment

Our environment also benefits we ethically de clutter, you may not be aware that everything we consume takes energy and resources to produce and dispose of once we have finished with it. Yes we are great at recycling, but recycling still requires energy it is called “embodied energy”.

Knowing what you have in your cupboards reduces the chances of buying more stuff. When we rethink and consider what we bring into our space, we help to reduce our carbon footprint, so before you click on that mouse or put it in your trolley, stop, pause and ask yourself

  • Do I need it?
  • Will it add value to my life
  • Do I have similar ready?

Chances are you don’t really need it and you may already have the same at home.

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