We all know about the 3R’s- Reduce Reuse Recycle but what’s The 10R’s©?

There is a common trend around the world where people have become overwhelmed with stuff to the point where they simply cannot function, or find things, so they go and buy more, thus starting this viscous clutter cycle.

Don’t worry you are not alone


A recent surveys show that the average Australian family spend $1226 per year on stuff they never use and one in eight people moved home to accommodate more stuff. (Source Stuff Happens)

United States of America

The average American family spends $1,700 on clothes annually Forbes


Britons have a shocking £5.7billion worth of unused household items stashed away, and one in three has enough to fill a bedroom. Daily Mail

The Impact

The impact of over consumption on the environment, personal finances, and peace of mind are some of the many issues which overwhelm us and get in the way of living the life we want.

Professional Eco Organiser® and founder of The 10R’s© organising solution, explains how easy it is create more time and space in people’s lives through de cluttering and reorganising their homes or workplaces in a simple and environmentally friendly way using The 10R’s©

An accredited Expert member of the Australasian Association of Professional Organisers, Inc. Tanya has helped 1000’s of people declutter and in the process recycled tonnes of stuff which would have ordinarily gone into land fill.

What are The 10R’s©?


  1. Rethink

Before adding something to the shopping trolley, click on the mouse and add something to the cart, accept that 2 for 1 offer, or take the goodies bag on offer, simply stop and pause


Do I need it, do I want it?

How does it make me feel?

Is there an equivalent with less packaging?

Can I reuse the packaging?

Do I have similar already?

A few simple moments to stop and rethink could make all the difference to your life and stop this vicious clutter cycle.

    2.  Responsible

Everything we bring into our space comes with a carbon footprint. Somewhere in the world a tree has been cut down and/or minerals have been dug out of the ground then shipped somewhere to be manufactured into the things we need and want, for this reason we must take some responsibility to the disposal of our unwanted items.

“You don’t throw anything away, there is no away

this stuff has to go somewhere” unknown

Have you ever been in the situation of storing, caring for other people’s stuff? It’s time for the owners of this stuff to take responsibility for it.

  1. Refuse

It is ok to say “no thank you” to

Buy one get one free

Give away’s


Gift bags and show bags

Excess packaging

Once use only products


  1. Repurpose

Generally speaking most people we work with have all the storage containers, cupboards, nooks and crannies to get organised. If this is not the case we head to the back of your cupboards to find things you don’t use and repurpose them as storage. We will turn baking dishes and shoe boxes into drawer dividers and drinks cabinets into office storage.

Rethink clutter before buying new and repurpose

  1. Reorganise

Our homes don’t come with elastic sides; let’s reorganise to fit within our current footprint, before adding an extension or hiring a storage unit.

  1. Repair

In a world of once use and disposable items we often forget that things can be repaired.

Rethink; can it be repaired or restyled?

  1. Reduce

When we know what we have and need we are less likely to go buy more of the same, this saves time, money, waste and energy. Being clear about our needs reduces clutter in our homes. Why bring in things into our homes that do not add value to our lives?

  1. Reuse

Where possible we demonstrate how to implement reusable or refillable options in the home.

Reusable ink cartridges

Reusable coffee cups

Reusable shopping bags

Refill pens, water bottles

  1. Recycle

Recycling is great, although at Eco Organiser we rethink how we recycle, not just relying on the recycle bin.  It takes energy to recycle, it’s called embodied energy, and wherever possible we recycle at home through The 10R’s™ composting and worm farms.

  1. Reward

When we reduce clutter in our home we are rewarded with more time, space, energy and money. When we reduce waste and reduce embodied energy we are rewarding our planet

The 10R’s© Rethink – Responsible – Refuse – Repurpose – Reorganise – Repair – Reduce – Reuse – Recycle – Reward