27 top tips to love in sustainable Valentines

Sustainable living encompasses all festive seasons and celebrations, Valentines is no different.

Old Valentine faithfuls such as Champagne, flowers and chocolate can still be apart of a sustainable Valentines.

Express your love in a sustainable way

  1. Buy locally grown sparkling wine rather than imported wines which add food miles to your sustainable living.
  2. Give seasonal flowers rather than imported, better still pick from your garden
  3. Think local, visit your local chocolatier
  4. Picnic at your favourite place, park, backyard, balcony, beach, lake or mountain top
  5. Fill your picnic basket with homemade goodies or local produce
  6. Visit a bushfire affected area and fill your #emptyesky
  7. Join a tree planting group and plant trees together and fight #climatechange
  8. Enjoy a bike ride, train or bus ride to your picnic spot
  9. Give an experience over STUFF

Stuff: collection of things not needing to be specified, valueless matter, trash, non-sense Australian Oxford Dictionary

One American trend forecaster says research shows that two in every three people believe they would be better off if they lived more simply with less belongings. ‘As more people realise that more stuff does not equal more happiness, but the best place to find status, identity, meaning and happiness is in experiences.’

  1. Special event and nothing to wear; why not hire an outfit
  2. Ethically declutter your home and create the romantic setting you have only dream’t about.
  3. Dress your romantic setting with ethically made candles and bring out the good stuff
  5. Get creative and write a poem, if you are not creative, recite your favourite to your loved one
  6. Picnic or cooking up a storm, set or table with cloth napkins and bring out your best of everything, now is the time to use it!
  7. Prepare your romantic dinner with locally grown produce
  8. Plan your menu carefully to reduce food waste
  9. Freeze leftovers where possible or compost food scrap in your back yard or join Share Waste
  10. Flying off for a romantic getaway? When booking online, don’t forget to ticket the box to outset your carbon miles. And check out Sustainable Travel for more tips
  11. Gifts made FSC timber, handmade, carbon neutral paper, sustainably sourced cork, glass, wool, hemp, pure linen, organic cotton, recycled products make with high recycled content make great sustainable gifts.
  12. Switch off distraction and commit yourself to be present with your loved one
  13. Learn something together: food preserving, cheese making, painting, language, dancing, yoga, mediation
  14. Leave the artificial flowers and in the shop!
  15. Visit local artisan market for sustainable gifts, jewelry, perfume, soap
  16. Pre loved is shared loved, visit your local charity shop for gifts, decorations or that perfect outfit, before buying new
  17. Drop perfectionism rather, know when good, is good enough.
  18. Rethink giving a gift and refuse the buy on get one free, its cost the earth and that is depressing!

In a recent survey 25% of respondents say clutter creates stress or anxiety in their lives, while less than one in five respondents even admit that clutter causes them to not want have friends or family coming over (17.5%) or that it impacts their happiness negatively (16.5%). Clutter Report

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