Watching programs on how to declutter helps motivate us to rid our lives of clutter, but in all honestly unless you truly know WHY you want to declutter, it is near on impossible to maintain a clutter free life.

Decluttering is a buzz word, thanks to the celebrity status of Marie Kondo but having been a Professional Eco Organiser® for 10 years and taught over 8000 people to ethically declutter and witnessed the mountain of products developed to help you declutter and get organised.

Buying storage containers and achieving a clutter free life is harder to achieve if you cannot answer this question.

WHY do I want to declutter?

Knowing you WHY is your starting point, it’s the place you go back to when you plateau or a place to measure your progress from. Think of decluttering like trying to lose weight, you set out with a  purpose- to feel happier, healthier, there’s a special event or you just want to feel lighter.

Shortcut to your WHY

If you just want a tidy house, hire a cleaner, if you are prepared to rethink all aspects of your life, you are heading in the right direction.

Here are just of few I have heard over the years

“I spend all my time cleaning and putting stuff away, I am tired of it, I want to declutter to have more time with my kids, partner and make more time for ME!”

 “I want to return to study, I know having a better education offers me greater opportunities to live the life I want”

 “I used to love having dinner parties but now I am too embraced to invite people to my home, I want to declutter and throw the biggest dinner party and invite the people I love”

 “My stuff drags me down and I don’t want to feel that way anymore”

 “I am sick and tired of wasting my time looking for stuff”

Discover WHY

Our goal is to help you discover your WHY and discover how you would like your space to function and flow.

Take time to complete these questions; you may be surprise with some of your answers.


  1. What was my OMG moment of “enough is enough” it’s time to declutter?




  1. Is it difficult to let go of things that I/we don’t use anymore? (Circle one)

Easy                 Love it             Not Really                   Difficult

  1. Is it difficult to find things? (Circle one)

Yes                              No                   Sometimes

  1. Can I/we use the space for its intended purposes? (Circle one)

Yes                              No                   Sometimes

  1. What’s stopped me/us from creating the space I/we want?

(Example Time, money, energy)





  1. Do I/we like the feeling of acquiring things? (Circle one)

Love it             Yes                  Not Really         It’s for someone else

  1. Do I/we require certain skills to achieve my/our goals?

(Example Time management, meal planning, storage solutions, responsible disposal ideas)

  1. Who are my/our key helpers in my/our life?




  1. My organised home/office/ garage/life will

(Example Save me time, reduce my housework, allow me to live my life)


  1. Who will enjoy my organised space?


  1. How will my/our organised and decluttered space feel?

(Example light, spacious, welcoming, relaxing)


  1. I/we will use my/our clutter free space?


  1. When would I/we like to start and finish this project?


  1. What is my WHY?

How did you find that, did it get any creative juices flowing?

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