Reduce is not just about reducing our consumption of plastic bags, bottles, single use cups. Reduce, comes into its own when we actively reduce the impact we have on the planet and lower our carbon footprint to stem climate change. I am writing this from a hotel dining room in Sydney in semi darkest, the power has been turned off to parts of the city to reduce the risk of bush fires on a day NSW has never experienced before “catastrophic”.

Just this week we have seen Alibaba celebrate Singles Day the biggest shopping day on the planet. A sale designed to celebrates being single!!! This year a whopping $80AUD billion was spent in one day on STUFF. I wonder how many memories or real treasures where bought in this frenzy?

Ironically having spoken with a family affected by the Black Saturday in Victoria 2009, where 180 people lost their lives. This family were still coming to terms with the loss of their home, friends, family, pets and community, yet losing their possessions gave them a sense of relief, cathartic, no longer burden by STUFF. Sure, they missed the photos and family heirlooms but not the STUFF.

My absolute pet hate is WASTE, wasting time looking for stuff, wasting space and building bigger homes to accommodate stuff we don’t use, wasting energy to build, heat and cool these homes and wasting our environment, by cutting down trees to build bigger homes in suburbs that lack public transport, schools or community.

So why buy something that wastes your time, space, energy?

Not forgetting the environment, everything we buy leaves a footprint, whether it be the amount of water it takes to produce 1 tissue( 2.2 litres) or the 7000-8000 litres of water to make a pair of jeans, or the 50 000 litres of water to produce 1 kg of beef or the massive carbon footprint to build a new car.

Why buy new stuff if you don’t need it?

Why buy a new phone if the other is working fine or a new car because it has a few more features?

It can be difficult to refuse the temptation advertising throws at us, but does this stuff really make us happy? It’s something to rethink.

Want to reduce waste in your life and live a more sustainable lifestyle?

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